Immersion, Flow, And Magic Spells (And How Blogs Get In The Way)

For me, the concept of flow is vitally important in many areas of life. By flow, I mean getting immersed in an experience to a degree where you shut out pretty much everything else, and your focus is only on that one activity. As well as beautiful escape, I would also say it feels like… Continue reading Immersion, Flow, And Magic Spells (And How Blogs Get In The Way)

The Trouble With Being Liked

Anyone who spends even a few minutes a day online will be aware of the “like” concept. Started, I believe, on FriendFeed, then adopted by Facebook, where it exploded, it now features on a wide range of social sites in some form or other. Including WordPress. I’ll make my stance clear from the outset, and… Continue reading The Trouble With Being Liked

36 Hours – A Publishing Experiment

Having our own little place online and being in control of what, when and how we post, means almost unlimited opportunities to experiment. Back in May 2018 I tried a “week streak”, publishing a new post every day for a week. I ended up with an eight day streak, a five day streak, and 22… Continue reading 36 Hours – A Publishing Experiment

The Love Of The Long Haul (Or Why We Should Keep Blogging)

With the world moving faster than ever, and online sharing sites like Instagram and Twitter seemingly all about the right here right now, we might be fooled into thinking that any article or content online only has any worth the moment its published. And perhaps for five minutes afterwards... Obviously after that, we're told, it's… Continue reading The Love Of The Long Haul (Or Why We Should Keep Blogging)

2018 – Your Favourites And Mine

So as 2018 draws to a close, it's interesting to delve into the 35hunter stats and see which posts you read and enjoyed most. Which often aren't the ones I thought would be read and enjoyed most! Top Five Posts With Most Views Strangely, none of the five most read posts of this year were even published… Continue reading 2018 – Your Favourites And Mine