The Difference Between Travelling And Just Getting There

With cameras, for a long time I was looking for the perfect one camera that does everything. It doesn't exist. Since I've rediscovered cycling, the same hunting pattern has emerged. After purchasing an ebike to replace my car for commuting to work and most of my local trips - including photo shoots - I hoped… Continue reading The Difference Between Travelling And Just Getting There

How To Control The Compatibility And Cable Chaos Of Digital Cameras

It'd be very easy for me to pick up a new (used) digital classic camera or two every week, such is their availability and appeal. My recent experiments with three different 4MP cameras didn't help, proving to me that they were ample for my kind of photography, so the potential wealth of cameras out there… Continue reading How To Control The Compatibility And Cable Chaos Of Digital Cameras

My Ever Shrinking Camera Collection

In the last year my collection of cameras has decreased to essentially two 35mm film SLRs, a DSLR, a few digital compacts and my Xperia phone. In reality I haven't shot any film in perhaps 18 months now, and in the last three months have only picked up three of the digitals, using my phone… Continue reading My Ever Shrinking Camera Collection

Making The Mods That Make It Mine

As I'm sure you've found too, whether we're talking bikes or cameras, no single one is perfect in every aspect. Yes, some will come very close, with "imperfections" so minor that on a day to day basis they become all but invisible. But even then, a camera or bike that is close to perfect for… Continue reading Making The Mods That Make It Mine

Zero Budget Photography – Is It Possible?

Is it possible to have a flourishing photography hobby without spending any money at all? In my experience, I believe we can get very close indeed to zero budget photography. When I first got into film photography, one of the greatest charms was that I could pick up an excellent vintage SLR and lens for… Continue reading Zero Budget Photography – Is It Possible?