Unexpected Pleasures In Technicolour

The last time I used colour consistently was last summer with my Pentax K10D, approaching a year ago now. Since then, I've enjoyed an extended mono phase, partly because I just love the simplicity of black and white, and partly because I haven't really found a consistent way of making colour photographs I like. I've… Continue reading Unexpected Pleasures In Technicolour

Who Wants Natural Colours Anyway?

Many camera websites and blogs rave electric about the natural colour rending of a camera, lens or film, as if it's the holy grail of colour photography. But is it? I'll admit there are times when I've sought a look and a colour palette that has seemed natural, yet also somehow enhanced what I saw… Continue reading Who Wants Natural Colours Anyway?

Learning To Love Colour Again (And How To Keep It Simple)

Since last October I've photographed almost exclusively in black and white. So what's got me keenly embracing colour photography again? The black and white phase began with the coinciding of two events - the autumn season and the arrival of a Ricoh GRD III. I only ever intended to shoot b/w with the Ricoh, and… Continue reading Learning To Love Colour Again (And How To Keep It Simple)