I’m Not A Pro Photographer, I’m Not A Performance Cyclist

I'm not a pro photographer, I'm not a performance cyclist. I'm guessing the likelihood is you're not either. Which is important for us to remember, for two main reasons -¬† 1. It means we stop trying to compete with others. We shouldn't expect to make a stunningly magnificent photograph every time we release the shutter.… Continue reading I’m Not A Pro Photographer, I’m Not A Performance Cyclist

Mixte Feelings – When Your First Love Returns

Though it wasn't the first bike I was given, the first I really loved was a blue Raleigh Burner BMX, with yellow mag wheels and matching pad set. Coming of bicycling age in the midst of BMX's original heyday, most of my friends also had one. Those whose parents couldn't stretch to a revered Diamond… Continue reading Mixte Feelings – When Your First Love Returns

When Perfect No Longer Fits

In my younger days I enjoyed mountain biking (the natural evolution of BMX riding as a child) and my trips were more about hurtling through woodland trails than¬†meandering slowly enough to smell the flowers. So when I returned to cycling quite recently, as I imagine we do with most hobbies we rediscover, it seemed natural… Continue reading When Perfect No Longer Fits

The Kindness Of Strangers To A Cyclist In Need

Tonight I left work, unlocked the bike pod and thought my ebike felt even heavier than usual to wheel out. The reason was a completely flat rear tyre. My second in a fortnight. As I don't carry a puncture kit or tools, my only option was to walk home with the bike, a not too… Continue reading The Kindness Of Strangers To A Cyclist In Need