One Room, Fifty Photographs (II)

Back in February 2018, I tried a one room fifty photographs challenge for the first time. It's a simple concept - lock yourself in one room until you've taken fifty photographs. This doesn't just mean set your camera to some continuous or burst mode and hold your finger on the shutter button for a minute.… Continue reading One Room, Fifty Photographs (II)

Photography Fasting – Are There Any Benefits?

In the last six months I haven't made anything like as many photographs as in any similar period in perhaps six or seven years.  Partly this is because I just feel settled on the kit I now use. Because I haven't bought a new (to me) camera since July, I've not been constantly in camera… Continue reading Photography Fasting – Are There Any Benefits?

Making The Mods That Make It Mine

As I'm sure you've found too, whether we're talking bikes or cameras, no single one is perfect in every aspect. Yes, some will come very close, with "imperfections" so minor that on a day to day basis they become all but invisible. But even then, a camera or bike that is close to perfect for… Continue reading Making The Mods That Make It Mine

The (Un)Importance Of Making 10,000 Photographs And Cycling 10,000 Miles

In recent years, 10,000 has been quoted by various sources as being some kind of magical number.  In Malcolm Gladwell's intriguing book Outliers, he gathers evidence to suggest that 10,000 hours of dedicated practice is the minimum one needs to begin to master their chosen craft, whatever that may be. Thomas Edison, inventor of the… Continue reading The (Un)Importance Of Making 10,000 Photographs And Cycling 10,000 Miles

How To Make Black And White Film Photographs On A Shoestring Budget

Unless you develop and scan black and white film yourself, the costs can be high, and unfortunately put the format out of reach for many of us. But what if there was a far more affordable way to make b/w photographs?  When I started film photography with a Holga 120N, everything was unknown, it was… Continue reading How To Make Black And White Film Photographs On A Shoestring Budget