The Slow Down

The faster life seems to become, the more I've craved slowing down. Slowing down the making of photographs, taking more time to compose each shot, letting myself completely sink into and lose myself in the moment. This brings me stronger memories and more palpable emotions when I look back at the images afterwards - reconnecting… Continue reading The Slow Down

Decision Fatigue (And How I’m Escaping)

A journalist interviewing a famous world leader asked "Why do you wear virtually the same suit every day?" Their response, to paraphrase, was "When you have as many important decisions to make as I do in a day, you do all you can to eliminate all the trivial ones." When I was shooting a dozen… Continue reading Decision Fatigue (And How I’m Escaping)

My Five Greatest Photography Influences

This is a post I've been thinking about for a long time, trying to figure out which photographers influence my work and what I'm trying to do. Then, via a conversation with Anton, I realised that when I began photographing with intention, I didn't really know any classic photographers at all. My influences came from… Continue reading My Five Greatest Photography Influences

How To Finally Start (Or Restart) Your Photography Blog – A Simple Guide

One of the biggest pleasures of having a blog is meeting other people with similar interests, to share our photographs, experiments and experiences. So when you leave a comment on a post, I check out where your name links to. A few have their own established photography blogs. Some don’t link to anything at all,… Continue reading How To Finally Start (Or Restart) Your Photography Blog – A Simple Guide

The Resonance Of A Single Photograph

Despite my (in my mind) pretty ruthless editing, I think I probably save and share way too many photographs. Aside from possibly letting less than my very best out into the public gaze, I'm also concerned sometimes that revealing a batch of photographs (ie anything more than one) at once dilutes the potential impact of… Continue reading The Resonance Of A Single Photograph