Flickr Master Reset (Or How To Rejuvenate Your Online Portfolio)

When I began using Flickr in 2009 it was for two reasons - a back up of my best photos, and a public "portfolio" of those photos. Nine years and, somewhat shockingly, over 4500 uploaded photos later, I'm thinking about where to go with it next. I still want to use it as an archive/back… Continue reading Flickr Master Reset (Or How To Rejuvenate Your Online Portfolio)

How To Keep Up With Everything Online

In my own recent experiments with publishing daily and unplugging from the internet, I've been striving to find a happy balance online. One thing that's become a pressing issue for me - and which seems to be something most of us struggle with - is how to keep up with everything.  Here's what I've done… Continue reading How To Keep Up With Everything Online

Sundays Unplugged – 10 Weeks On

In late February I wrote about my Sundays Unplugged experiment. The premise was simple - no internet access on my phone on Sundays, and no iPad or MacBook at all. The aim was to spend more time offline with my family, reading, and just not frequently and unnecessarily checking the internet. Ten Sundays later, here are my… Continue reading Sundays Unplugged – 10 Weeks On

What I Pay For Online To Support My Photography

It's very easy today to build an online presence to share both your photography, and your thoughts around it. There are also plenty of free options, which most of the time I used to go for. But increasingly I've been happy to commit to paying a small fee for a few key services that support… Continue reading What I Pay For Online To Support My Photography