Where Will Your Digital Images Be 10 Years From Now?

In our parents and grandparents era, if someone wanted to save their photographic prints, they had few options. Either frame them, put them in an album, or stack them in shoeboxes. Or a combination of these. Once you'd made your decision on storage, there was little ongoing maintenance for those existing photos. With digital images the… Continue reading Where Will Your Digital Images Be 10 Years From Now?

The First Photograph I Was Proud Of…

Whilst I've been making photographs with intention for perhaps 12 years now, it took me a while to get to a place where I was proud of a photograph I'd made. This image from 2009 stands out in my memory as one that took my approach to a different level. Rather than just taking snaps… Continue reading The First Photograph I Was Proud Of…

Beneath The Old Elm – A Nostalgic Wander With A Former Flame

Back in 2010, my photography life had thus far looked like this... 2006 - 2010 Made photos with a Sony Ericsson camera phone. Er, that was pretty much it. Aside from a two pack flirtation with a Polaroid and my best friend and partner at the time, I'd used no other cameras but those on… Continue reading Beneath The Old Elm – A Nostalgic Wander With A Former Flame

iPhone – The Ultimate Snapshot Sensation?

The other morning we awoke to snow. With school closed, we hit the slopes. Or rather a local field with enough of an incline to have fun on a sledge with. Keen to have a photographic record of the occasion (only the second day our son has had even a vague opportunity to go sledging… Continue reading iPhone – The Ultimate Snapshot Sensation?