Disintegration Layers – A Processing Experiment (II)

Generally I've moved ever closer towards finding cameras I can set up to create photographs I love without needing any extra post processing. But last year I experimented with Snapseed to process the same image multiple times, and trace its disintegration. After again finding myself listening to William Basinski more than anyone else lately (who… Continue reading Disintegration Layers – A Processing Experiment (II)

The Four Greatest Cameras In The History Of The Known Universe*

So here they are, my beloved Gang Of Four, the greatest cameras in the history of the universe.* (*Where "The Known Universe" means the extent of cameras I have actually used in the last decade so can form a reasoned, yet entirely subjective opinion about, and excludes the 17 million I haven't.) I'm not going… Continue reading The Four Greatest Cameras In The History Of The Known Universe*

How To Get Up Close And Intimate (Part IV) – Dedicated Macro Lenses

It’s a long held belief of mine (and not just as a photographer) that the beauty of life is in the tiny details. So for as long as I’ve been photographing with intention (since around 2006 with Sony camera phones), I’ve been drawn to photographing up close and intimate. This is a short series on… Continue reading How To Get Up Close And Intimate (Part IV) – Dedicated Macro Lenses

When You’re Camera’s Just Too Good

Not yet two weeks into the April chapter of my One Month, One Camera (OMOC) project, where my chosen cohort is a Panasonic Lumic GF1, a couple of interesting developments have occurred. First, an unfortunate accident. On a photowalk where I wanted to gauge how the GF1 felt to use with old M42 lenses (plus… Continue reading When You’re Camera’s Just Too Good

What Really Influences Your Choice Of Camera?

The reason you use the camera you do today might be because it's the original Leica your German maternal grandfather bought in the 1930s and made, amongst other photographs, a comprehensive portrait gallery of your extended family that is still viewed and reminisced about to this day. Handing it down to you when his eyesight… Continue reading What Really Influences Your Choice Of Camera?