Irreversible Photography – Where The Work Begins

Irreversible Photography (IP) I would define simply as the making a single and final version of a photograph the moment your release the shutter. Beyond that moment there is nothing extra you add or change about the image, no adjusting, or tweaking, or processing. It's irreversible. The only further decision to make is whether it's… Continue reading Irreversible Photography – Where The Work Begins

Photography Beyond The Light(Room)

Previously I spoke about giving up Adobe LightRoom, partly because it was vastly over complex (and overwhelming) for my needs, and partly due to the locked in yearly subscription plans I resented. I tried to end it three months ago but they wanted something like four month's subs to leave, so I tried their "special… Continue reading Photography Beyond The Light(Room)

How To Finally Start (Or Restart) Your Photography Blog – A Simple Guide

One of the biggest pleasures of having a blog is meeting other people with similar interests, to share our photographs, experiments and experiences. So when you leave a comment on a post, I check out where your name links to. A few have their own established photography blogs. Some don’t link to anything at all,… Continue reading How To Finally Start (Or Restart) Your Photography Blog – A Simple Guide

The Fear Of Clouds

A number of recurring themes have surfaced in my photography in the last decade or so, one of them being clouds. In my eyes they're one of nature's greatest wonders. I especially love how clouds are ever shifting, ever evolving, sometimes rapidly, sometimes so slowly you can barely see. I doubt I'll ever tire of… Continue reading The Fear Of Clouds

iPhone – The Ultimate Snapshot Sensation?

The other morning we awoke to snow. With school closed, we hit the slopes. Or rather a local field with enough of an incline to have fun on a sledge with. Keen to have a photographic record of the occasion (only the second day our son has had even a vague opportunity to go sledging… Continue reading iPhone – The Ultimate Snapshot Sensation?