Seven Steps To Simplification – My Seven Year Photographic Journey

Around seven years ago in 2012, I was shooting predominantly 35mm film. I greatly enjoyed using the cameras, but much of the surrounding processes and equipment I found frustrating to the point it was spoiling my overall pleasure in photography. This started a journey to simplification, and over the following years, I evolved to where… Continue reading Seven Steps To Simplification – My Seven Year Photographic Journey

How Many Photographs Should We Share In One Blog Post?

As a keen reader of photography blogs - and of course a photographer and blogger myself - I'm curious about how many photographs per post is the optimum. Some share just one photo per post. With a very short post that can be purely the photograph with no text, or the photograph plus a few… Continue reading How Many Photographs Should We Share In One Blog Post?

Humble Yet Heavenly – The Helios-44-2

As I recall, the first M42 lens I owned was a Takumar 55/1.8, a lens that has remained in my core arsenal in some form ever since. The second addition was something I stumbled across in a random junk box at a camera fair. It was battered, with worn paint in many places, and when… Continue reading Humble Yet Heavenly – The Helios-44-2

How Deliberate Is Your Photography?

I can’t recall the last time I left the house without my phone. As it has a very competent camera on board, this means I haven’t left home without a capable camera for longer than I can remember. Surely this fact, combined with my passion for photography, must mean that every journey I make is… Continue reading How Deliberate Is Your Photography?