The Vital (Un)Importance Of Aspect Ratio

Some 12 or 13 years ago, I had no idea what aspect ratio meant. I was happily snapping away with my Sony camera phones, simply using the dimensions of the screen to find and frame compositions I thought fitted it best. In a way I miss these days of blissful ignorance! Looking back now I… Continue reading The Vital (Un)Importance Of Aspect Ratio

The Photographic Freedom Of Enough

Regular readers will know that not so long ago, I had well over 50 cameras and predominantly shot film over digital. Times have evolved, and I'm moving ever closer to concepts like invisible cameras, zero processing and irreversible photography. All of these seek to simplify photography down to its essentials. The underlying philosophy can be… Continue reading The Photographic Freedom Of Enough

Film Faves #2

A regular series of very short posts that revisit some of my favourite film photographs from the last five years since I’ve been shooting film. I'm fond of this shot for a few reasons. Mainly because it was the first shot where I figured out how to deliberately layer two compositions so one filled the… Continue reading Film Faves #2

Triple Underdog – 3 Humble 50mm Lenses That Far Exceeded Expectations

Many vintage lenses have impressive reputations online. But in my direct experience over the last four years or so, disappointingly often I've found them to be expensive and over-hyped. In contrast, I've found a few with very modest (or virtually non-existent) reputations, but still capable of very impressive results. Here are three of these dark horse… Continue reading Triple Underdog – 3 Humble 50mm Lenses That Far Exceeded Expectations