Gathering For The Winter (Spring, Summer, Autumn)


With the range of available 35mm film on the whole reducing, I’m always keen to stock up on my favourite emulsions.

My freezer contains an ever dwindling supply of Ferrania Solaris 200 and Solution VX200, both of which are now difficult to source and I’m virtually all out of Kodak ColorPlus 200.

Stocks of AgfaPhoto Vista Plus 200 (rebranded FujiColor C200, which I’ve also shot extensively rebranded as Tudorcolor XLX 200) remain healthy though, and I expect this to continue to be the film I shoot with most.


Recently I’ve come across the opportunity to purchase some expired FujiFilm Superia 100, a film I’ve only used a roll of two of before, but with really lovely results, as shared here.


Because it’s slower film, and therefore deteriorates more slowly, I’m not concerned at using decade expired film. I’ve seen fabulous results from others using similarly expired Superia 100 also.


Superia 400 of this age I would be far more careful with buying and using, being two stops faster, ie four times more sensitive to light, than ISO 100 film.

I have another batch of Superia 100 on the way, of much fresher vintage (circa 2012), so in the coming months (and years) I expect to use plenty of this delightful film…


The future in my film world at least, belongs to FujiFilm…

4 thoughts on “Gathering For The Winter (Spring, Summer, Autumn)”

  1. Awesome! I just stocked up on non-expired Kodak Gold Ultramax 400 and Fuji C200 for $2 a roll… So I think i am covered for a bit in 2016! 🙂

    1. I love C200, I’ve shot more of that in its various forms (usually AgfaPhoto Vista Plus 200) than all other films put together, it’s a wonderful balance of cheap and capable.

  2. Gorgeous photos! It’s lovely to see flowers and green in photos when it’s so white and grey outside here in Illinois!

    1. Yes, for me too, it’s very cold and grey here in the UK too currently! These shots are from back in June last year. I’ll probably wait until the spring before shooting the Fuji Superia 100 in any significant amounts, let a few colours reappear first!

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