Qutest Companion – Pentax Q First Thoughts

In recent months I've shot almost entirely with my Ricoh siblings, the GRD III and GX100. Collectively these invisible cameras have changed the game for me. The liberation in using such a compact, yet capable, sophisticated, yet refreshingly simple camera has made me start to question whether I need a DSLR at all any more. … Continue reading Qutest Companion – Pentax Q First Thoughts

Pocket Sized Punch Up – Ricoh GRD III vs iPhone 5C

Out in the woods on a family walk recently, I hadn't taken a camera (intentionally), but came across a scene I had to photograph. So of course I whipped out my trusty iPhone, and using Hipstamatic preset to 3:2 aspect ratio and a b/w setting, took a few shots. The final images were not radically… Continue reading Pocket Sized Punch Up – Ricoh GRD III vs iPhone 5C

Writing Blog Posts In Advance – Pros And Cons

Are there are any benefits to having multiple blog posts all written and scheduled ahead of time? This calendar year, I'm experimenting with this notion. Previously I've nearly always written a post then either published immediately, or first thing the following morning. There's been little (actually no) planning to my publishing schedule. Looking back through… Continue reading Writing Blog Posts In Advance – Pros And Cons

Irreversible Photography (And Why I’m Embracing It)

A trend I'm noticing in my own picture taking is a continual shift towards Irreversible Photography. I'd define Irreversible Photography as making photographs that, once made, can't be altered by any post processing or after effects. My recent explorations into zero processing, and a move away from LightRoom to Hipstamatic have been significant steps, and… Continue reading Irreversible Photography (And Why I’m Embracing It)

LightRoom’s Last Hurrah – Why Adobe Has Lost My Trust And Business

Recently I've been experimenting with Hipstamatic on my iPad for processing digital photos. I'd grown tired of the overwhelming complexity and cluttered interface of LightRoom, and although I do like a lot of what it does, for me it's like using, not so much a sledgehammer, but an entire demolition squad with wrecking balls and explosives,… Continue reading LightRoom’s Last Hurrah – Why Adobe Has Lost My Trust And Business