Photography, Fitness And Avoiding Obsession

Since January 2018 I've used a fitness tracker to count my daily steps. I'm not much interested in miles, calories, heart rate and so on, just the steps, so just bought a simple one - A Misfit Ray - that lives on my ankle with me barely realising it's there. In the early days I… Continue reading Photography, Fitness And Avoiding Obsession

57 Fresh Ideas For Photography Blog Posts

For most of this year I've been publishing every 36 hours, which has meant around 90 new posts to date in 2019. It's a rate and habit I'm pretty comfortable with. At the core of being able to publish with this consistency, I believe there are two key elements.  1. Finding a regular routine I… Continue reading 57 Fresh Ideas For Photography Blog Posts

Shooting Square Photographs – Avoiding The Obvious

In a recent post we talked about square photographs, and I mentioned I'd be exploring them more in the coming days and weeks. Which I have been. Something that's I'm finding interesting with squares, is trying to find compositions that aren't the obvious ones.  With 1:1, often I'm drawn to shapes and compositions that naturally… Continue reading Shooting Square Photographs – Avoiding The Obvious

The Flickr Revival Is On!

As I've spoken about a number of times before, I've been a Flickr user since 2009, and greatly appreciate and enjoy its features.  My favourites include - The ability to use tags and albums to easily organise your photos. Unlimited storage for Pro users, which I've used from early on, and means I've been using… Continue reading The Flickr Revival Is On!

The Colour Quest (IV) – Infrared Photography With The Pentax Q

My favourite camera of the moment (and possibly ever) is the dinky yet divine Pentax Q. It's one of few cameras where I can set up the black and white (b/w) in camera and get results I want straight off the memory card, with zero post processing. This maximises my time out with the camera,… Continue reading The Colour Quest (IV) – Infrared Photography With The Pentax Q