The Spending Sweet Spot – How Much To Pay For Your Next Camera

Some might say Frugal is one of my middle names, and whilst I've bought two or three used cameras at around £150, and my only new camera, a Nikon Coolpix P300, was around £300 back in 2011, most of my purchases have required a small fraction of this outlay. The danger though with such a… Continue reading The Spending Sweet Spot – How Much To Pay For Your Next Camera

10,000 Comments Richer

Mostly I use the little notification bell in WordPress to see and reply to comments here on 35hunter. It's a convenient way of viewing them all in one place, and keeping track of my replies - as you get a little reverse arrow to indicate you've done so next to the original comment. But today… Continue reading 10,000 Comments Richer

Should I Just Throw Those Old Film Negatives Away?

From about 2012-2017 I predominantly shot 35mm film. Over this time I had the film developed and scanned, uploaded the digital images to my archive, and tucked the original negatives away in a couple of large shoeboxes. Two shoeboxes that I haven't returned to since I shot my last roll of film three and a… Continue reading Should I Just Throw Those Old Film Negatives Away?

The Ever Evolving Perfect Camera

Fifteen years ago, the perfect camera was the Sony Cyber-shot camera phone I had with me wherever I went. It was more than good enough to capture pictures of dew dappled cobwebs, smouldering sunsets and decaying leaves. Post processing meant simply plugging the camera into my PowerBook and uploading the images, then sorting through and… Continue reading The Ever Evolving Perfect Camera