Photography – Are We Capturing Or Creating?

Some would argue that photography is more challenging than another visual art form where you're able to start with a blank canvas, and lay down whichever marks, shapes, words and colours you wish. Indeed with other art forms like writing or composing music, you can start from nothing but the potential of the language you… Continue reading Photography – Are We Capturing Or Creating?

Instant Photography – Your Experiences?

About seven years ago now, I had a Fuji Instax 100, and enjoyed it. The few packs of film I shot came out better than I had expected on the whole. Nonetheless, the camera itself was a bulbous, bulky beast, giving me little pleasure in use, certainly compared my favourite non-instant cameras, both film and… Continue reading Instant Photography – Your Experiences?

Camera Testing – 3 Tips For The Best Results

In the last year I've bought hardly any cameras, and used even less. It's the most focused - or, put another way, cameranogamous - I've been since using just the camera in phone, my approach from around 2005-2011. But there was a period of seven or eight years where I was almost buying more cameras… Continue reading Camera Testing – 3 Tips For The Best Results