The Fabulous 55s

The first SLR I owned, back in 2013, was a late '70s Praktica BMS Electronic, with a Prakticar Pentacon 50mm f/1.8 lens. It turns out that whilst this wasn't the most refined SLR ever made, it was pretty reliable, and the Pentacon 50/1.8 is very decent indeed. I later went on to enjoy perhaps half… Continue reading The Fabulous 55s

Blogging From Hand To Mouth

For a large part of last year I experimented with publishing a new blog post here on 35hunter every 36 hours.  It didn't result in a dramatic growth of readership or comments, and whilst I didn't have a shortage of ideas, and found my groove with posting this frequently, I decided to ease off a… Continue reading Blogging From Hand To Mouth

One Month One Camera – July 2020 (II) – The Luxury Of Simplicity

So this month I'm back on my One Month One Camera (OMOC) project, and the camera I've chosen is a Samsung GX-1S Pentax K mount DSLR. You can read the intro post here. Now in all honesty the little Samsung isn't radically different from my other two Pentax K mount DSLRs with CCD sensors, the… Continue reading One Month One Camera – July 2020 (II) – The Luxury Of Simplicity

To Those Remaining… (My Camera Inventory July 2020)

Periodically I realise I have too much photography gear. My main cluster of cameras starts creeping on to additional bookshelves. A shoebox or two (or three!) is hidden under the baby's cot with cameras I've not looked at in months. I start finding it awkward removing a camera from a shelf, precariously weaving through the… Continue reading To Those Remaining… (My Camera Inventory July 2020)