How To Stop Being So Disappointed With Your Photography

Most of us amateur photographers explore this pursuit for the pleasure and the passion of it, and probably don't have professional aspirations. Nevertheless, we still like to get something rewarding from the hobby - in both the experience and the final images. Often photography can be very disappointing - especially the photographs themselves. Flicking through… Continue reading How To Stop Being So Disappointed With Your Photography

Dances With Digital Dilettantes – Pt 1

Shooting with film for the last five years or so has given me huge pleasure, taught me a great deal about the basics of composing and taking photographs, and created a small body of work I'm very happy with. But there came a point some months back where I deconstructed what film photography gave me,… Continue reading Dances With Digital Dilettantes – Pt 1

The False Affordability Of Film Photography?

We spoke recently about how you can quite easily get started in film photography for £27, and then even more recently how film photography on a shoestring can cost a mere £12 to begin. Since writing 35hunter, I've been all in favour of proclaiming the affordability of shooting film, and hopefully puncturing some myths that… Continue reading The False Affordability Of Film Photography?