The 99p Digital Camera Club

As we've spoken about before, the sheer affordability and availability of used cameras makes it difficult to resist picking up "just one more" for the collection. In recent times I've restrained my spending far more than in years gone by, but I'm still drawn in once in a while. A couple of months back, I… Continue reading The 99p Digital Camera Club

How Has Your Photography Evolved This Year?

This year began for me with a continuation of the One Month, One Camera project that'd worked well for me for much of last year. January with the Lumix FX10, followed by a return of my lovely Ricoh GRD III in February, it was essentially business as usual. In March I started out with another… Continue reading How Has Your Photography Evolved This Year?

What Do You Do With So Many Family Photographs?

The photographs I have from my own childhood number perhaps two dozen. They're currently in a bag at my mum's house, which comes out perhaps once a year, maybe even less. A generation later, and I know that, even with fairly ruthless editing on my part, we already have thousands of photographs of our own… Continue reading What Do You Do With So Many Family Photographs?

These Three Photographs – Blue Skies

One of my ongoing series on 35hunter is These Three Photographs, where I revisit three photographs from my archives on a particular theme. Past episodes have been Cars, Rust and Nature Reclaims. This time around, blue skies. As much as I love digital these days, film does capture sky and clouds beautifully. This shot was… Continue reading These Three Photographs – Blue Skies

Photography – Passion Or Obsession?

An intriguing article on "the passion paradox" got me thinking more about my own photography, and the balance between what the writer called "harmonious passion" and "obsessive passion". To quote the article, and the book it's based on - "In harmonious passion, you are pursuing your passion because it reflects what it is that you… Continue reading Photography – Passion Or Obsession?