The Lost Lovers – Pentax K10D

Lost Lovers is a series of posts about cameras I have known, loved and lost. I plan to look back at why I loved them ("Romantic Reverie") and then why I ultimately sold or donated them ("In The Harsh Light"). This time around, the Pentax K10D, their flagship DSLR from 2006. Romantic Reverie Aside from a… Continue reading The Lost Lovers – Pentax K10D

One Month, One Camera – February 2019 (II)

So this year I'm trying out a One Month, One Camera (OMOC) project, and for February my weapon of choice is the FujiFilm FinePix F810. I wrote an introduction to the camera here, and now I've had a couple more photowalks, I have more thoughts, and of course photographs, to share. What I like about… Continue reading One Month, One Camera – February 2019 (II)

Photography At The Speed Of You

A major appeal of riding to work on my ebike compared with a car, is the freedom I have over my speed. In a built up area, in a car you’re limited firstly by the speed limit, then any traffic control such as traffic lights and roundabouts, then finally by the volume of traffic. In… Continue reading Photography At The Speed Of You

How To Support The Blogs And Communties You Love

As I’ve spoken about previously, aside from enjoying the writing and thinking out loud my blog provides, a major reason for having a blog at all is to create and grow a community of like minded people. I could just jump on an existing site or social media platform but I prefer to do things… Continue reading How To Support The Blogs And Communties You Love

Why A Pentax Espio Should Be Top Of Your Compact Film Camera Wishlist

My gradual shift from shooting film to digital was motivated by a number of factors, but a significant one was the size and weight of cameras. The digital compacts I favour these days give me results that are more than good enough, with the bonus of being very small and light. I can walk for two… Continue reading Why A Pentax Espio Should Be Top Of Your Compact Film Camera Wishlist