The Joy Of Just Playing (Without Recording)

A few months back I revisited the recurring itch to make music that's been with me since my late teens, perhaps earlier. I've never formally learned an instrument, but over the years I've had great fun playing around with guitars, eBows, effects pedals and four tracks, before computers reached the point of being affordable as… Continue reading The Joy Of Just Playing (Without Recording)

Intentional Creation, Intentional Consumption

We spoke recently about creation, curation and consumption, and how much we do of each. Since then I've been thinking more around not only how much of each I engage in, but the quality or type. And with each there is a common thread of intention. When I was a young child, we only had… Continue reading Intentional Creation, Intentional Consumption

Consumer, Curator, Creator

Which are you? I believe these are three roles we all play at some point, and I wanted to hone in particularly on how we fit each as bloggers and photographers. Consumer In blogging and photography terms, this simply means we read other people's blogs and view their photographs. I spend a considerable amount of… Continue reading Consumer, Curator, Creator