Camera Wishlist – Should You Have One?

I've always been a big fan of wishlists. They've been both a huge help and a headache of a hindrance at different times in my photography journey. Here's how I've used them, and how to work out whether they might work for you (or not!). In my early twenties when I was interested in a… Continue reading Camera Wishlist – Should You Have One?

200 Ways To Say…

The previous post was the 200th I've published on 35hunter. No major landmark for those amongst us who have published thousands, and indeed my previous WordPress blog almost reached 450 posts. But a pleasing waypoint¬†nonetheless. So what have those 200 posts been trying to say? In short, I'm on this photography adventure, exploring what I… Continue reading 200 Ways To Say…

Photographer Reborn!

Imagine you lost all your photography equipment (including any camera phones), all computers, hard drives, and every photograph you'd ever made - whether a physical print or a digital image. A complete and irreversible photographic system and hardware crash. Calm down, it's just a theoretical question. But if this did happen tomorrow, how would you… Continue reading Photographer Reborn!

The Delights Of Double Exposure

Double exposures (where one frame contains two images overlaid) have been a feature of my photography journey for the last six years or so. Have you tried them? Here's how I got into them and why I still enjoy them. My first film camera was a Holga 120N, which despite its extreme simplicity, needed a… Continue reading The Delights Of Double Exposure