The 21st Century Hunter Gatherer

My knowledge of human evolution is fairly minimal, but I am aware that early incarnations of our species were hunter gatherers, essentially hunting and killing animals, as well as foraging for plant life and gathering it for immediate or future sustenance. Of course in the western world we don't this today, but I've been wondering if some… Continue reading The 21st Century Hunter Gatherer

Photographs For No-One

When you make photographs, forget about who else might see them. Forget about trying to produce images you think your parents or friends might approve of. Forget about trying to capture shots that look just like those you've seen online with the most "likes" and "favourites". Forget about creating compositions to gain recognition from people… Continue reading Photographs For No-One

Immersion, Flow, And Magic Spells (And How Blogs Get In The Way)

For me, the concept of flow is vitally important in many areas of life. By flow, I mean getting immersed in an experience to a degree where you shut out pretty much everything else, and your focus is only on that one activity. As well as beautiful escape, I would also say it feels like… Continue reading Immersion, Flow, And Magic Spells (And How Blogs Get In The Way)

One Month, One Camera – January 2019 (I)

I recently introduced the one month, one camera project I'm trying this year. In short, the plan is to use only one camera each month, to become (even) more familiar with it, and hopefully to eek the best out of it. Whilst this isn't necessarily the plan for every month, for January I'm going with… Continue reading One Month, One Camera – January 2019 (I)

Four Questions To Help You Better Edit Your Photographs

All of us who photograph need to edit in some way. In this context, by editing I mean looking through a batch of photographs we've made and deciding which to delete, which to keep, then which of those keepers to share. This is not the easiest process, as it's so subjective.  In an effort to… Continue reading Four Questions To Help You Better Edit Your Photographs