It Was The Best Of Sites, It Was The Worst Of Sites – They Called It eBay

I'll pin my (red, blue, yellow, green) colours to the mast right from the outset. I've used eBay since 2002, and if it wasn't for this one site, I wouldn't have discovered the hundreds of amazing (and not so amazing) cameras I've experienced using over the last six or seven years. But there in one… Continue reading It Was The Best Of Sites, It Was The Worst Of Sites – They Called It eBay

The Slow Reader

How slowly do you read? Does it vary depending on the type of text you’re reading? Whether it’s on paper, a computer screen, a phone? I try not to have too many books on the go at any one time. Currently the main two I’m reading are The Art Of Photography by Bruce Barnbaum and… Continue reading The Slow Reader

One Room, Fifty Photographs (II)

Back in February 2018, I tried a one room fifty photographs challenge for the first time. It's a simple concept - lock yourself in one room until you've taken fifty photographs. This doesn't just mean set your camera to some continuous or burst mode and hold your finger on the shutter button for a minute.… Continue reading One Room, Fifty Photographs (II)

Why A Photograph Is Never Finished

A photograph is never finished because even once you release the shutter and capture the scene before you on film or as pixels, there are an infinite number of post processing possibilities that could be applied, from simple cropping or exposure adjustments to radical treatments that render the original image almost indistinguishable. But even then,… Continue reading Why A Photograph Is Never Finished

Photography – A Repeated Return To Stillness

Photography has given me many experiences, and enhanced my life in myriad ways. One of the most valuable of these, in the dozen or so years I’ve been photographing deliberately, is the form of meditation it provides. Meditation I would define as a way of being calm and present in the moment, without the usual… Continue reading Photography – A Repeated Return To Stillness