Routines May Sound Boring But They Just Work

There's a part of me that longs to live a life of spontaneity and freedom, deciding on a whim moment by moment where to go and what to do. But even if I put aside minor issues like finances and family responsibilities, I know I wouldn't actually enjoy this approach anyway. For me, boring as… Continue reading Routines May Sound Boring But They Just Work

Avoiding The Obvious, And Other Philosophies

A photowalk the other day took me along the river Medway in Kent, and when the tree line broke I was greeted with this kind of view. The city in the distance, the marshland littered with grounded, rusted boats in the foreground, and the river meandering in between, was pretty spectacular. But I'm not one… Continue reading Avoiding The Obvious, And Other Philosophies

The Lenses We See The World Through

Anyone who's switched on a DSLR or mirrorless camera without a lens attached will be familiar with the rush of bright white amorphous light you're greeted with. Without a lens to focus the light in a meaningful way, the world is just a great white hot blur. So, unless we're trying something super experimental, we… Continue reading The Lenses We See The World Through

The Cameras We’ve Forgotten

As you may recall, I haven't photographed often recently, certainly nothing like as much as two or three years ago. So I decided to take a look through my remaining cameras and see what I still had. And, not surprisingly really, I came across a few purchases I'd forgotten about. Here are three - 1.… Continue reading The Cameras We’ve Forgotten