How Much Photography Is Enough?

As we spoke about recently, in recent months I've photographed significantly less than before. I still consider myself an active photographer, even though I'm less active than any time in perhaps 15 years. Even if I didn't take a single picture in six months (incredibly unlikely) I think I'd still feel like a photographer because… Continue reading How Much Photography Is Enough?

The Tale Of The Disappearing Photographer

In my most prolific phase of photography, after buying my first "proper" camera (a Nikon Coolpix) in late 2011, I recall shooting over 1000 images a month for six months. Then I discovered film, which is another story, and meant amongst other things I couldn't afford to be anything like as trigger happy. Since retiring… Continue reading The Tale Of The Disappearing Photographer

Zero Processing And Other Ways To Avoid Digital’s Hidden Hassles

Reading about a fellow photographer's approach to digitising his music collection got me thinking again about how complicated digital can make our lives. The majority of the time my friend spent it seems, was not on the uploading of the CDs, but then fiddling about afterwards with the quirks of particular software so it recognised… Continue reading Zero Processing And Other Ways To Avoid Digital’s Hidden Hassles

Fantastic Flickr Photographers Worth Following

It's widely accepted that Flickr is not the online photography champion it once was, a great shame in my eyes as the dominant platform now, Instagram, falls woefully short in so many areas. But I still use Flickr extensively, as do many others. Here are some of my very favourite Flickr photographers that still post… Continue reading Fantastic Flickr Photographers Worth Following

When Did You Last Make A Print Of A Photograph?

The photography communities I'm involved with online are mostly of an age where there's a strong heritage of film photography. With that comes the viewing medium we've grown up with - the photography print. Now I'm not even talking about anything highfalutin or artsy here. It could be as simple as dog eared family snapshots… Continue reading When Did You Last Make A Print Of A Photograph?