Let Your Photographs Show Your Photography Skills, Not Your Processing

My introduction to photography was somewhat later in life, and even then came in gradually. Always interested in nature, I developed an interest in photographing the beauty around me on my walks in the countryside, just using the camera phone in my pocket. This was around 2005, when I was 30. At that point I… Continue reading Let Your Photographs Show Your Photography Skills, Not Your Processing

My Favourite Summer Cameras

Over the last few years, I've noticed a definite seasonal pattern in the cameras I use, and the type of photographs they encourage. Broadly speaking, over the late autumn, winter and early spring, I favour digital compacts like my Ricoh GRD III and Lumix LX3, and their high contrast monochrome settings. Come late spring, there's… Continue reading My Favourite Summer Cameras

In Praise Of Blogs, Forums, And The Good Old Fashioned Social Internet 2.0

Recent world events driven by the pandemic have seen some organisations and individuals have to accelerate their online experience exponentially, to rapidly find new ways of communicating, learning and adapting. Talk of the Web 3.0, smart devices and the Internet Of Things has been around for a while of course. It's just got closer, quicker.… Continue reading In Praise Of Blogs, Forums, And The Good Old Fashioned Social Internet 2.0

Photography – How Challenging Should It Be?

For me, using a DSLR is far more challenging than a digital compact. Nevertheless I persist, because of the more immersive experience, more control over the final image, and the ability to use different lenses. Sometimes though I do wonder why it's so fiddly to get a decent exposure (especially with my Pentax K-30), why… Continue reading Photography – How Challenging Should It Be?

Asahi Pentax 200mm f/5.6 M42 Lens – First Thoughts

Being firmly in a DSLR phase currently, I've been using vintage M42 lenses like the Helios 44-2 and Jupiter-37A. But you can't talk about M42 without mentioning the greatest range of lenses ever made in that mount - Asahi Takumars. I've had perhaps 20 Takumars overall, and, foolish as it seems in retrospect, sold on… Continue reading Asahi Pentax 200mm f/5.6 M42 Lens – First Thoughts