What Will Your Photography Life Be Like One Year From Now?

A while back we talked about how your photography might have looked had you been born a generation earlier. But what if instead we look in the opposite direction - into the future? Based on how your photography has been evolving in recent months, how do you think your photography will look a year from… Continue reading What Will Your Photography Life Be Like One Year From Now?

Zero Budget Photography – Is It Possible?

Is it possible to have a flourishing photography hobby without spending any money at all? In my experience, I believe we can get very close indeed to zero budget photography. When I first got into film photography, one of the greatest charms was that I could pick up an excellent vintage SLR and lens for… Continue reading Zero Budget Photography – Is It Possible?

The (Un)Importance Of Making 10,000 Photographs And Cycling 10,000 Miles

In recent years, 10,000 has been quoted by various sources as being some kind of magical number.  In Malcolm Gladwell's intriguing book Outliers, he gathers evidence to suggest that 10,000 hours of dedicated practice is the minimum one needs to begin to master their chosen craft, whatever that may be. Thomas Edison, inventor of the… Continue reading The (Un)Importance Of Making 10,000 Photographs And Cycling 10,000 Miles

How To See In Black And White

When you're shooting film, you can't turn the world - or your viewfinder - black and white. So it's helpful to be able to learn to see in b/w so you can discover the scenes and lighting and textures that will make the best b/w photographs. Before I began my great film adventure (2012-2017), the… Continue reading How To See In Black And White