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After a few weeks with barely any photography (aside from phone snaps, mostly of my family), I’m gently returning by exploring my Panasonic Lumix GF1, with native 12-32mm lens.

The lens is not going to win any beauty contests, and the minimum focus is a not especially close 0.2m.

On the upside, it is light, compact, and neatly retracts to make it even smaller when not in use.

I also like that it’s a manual zoom, which for me means sticking it on the setting I want when I first switch on the camera (so far it’s been 14mm, which is equivalent to 28mm in 35mm camera terms) then not touching it until I switch the camera off and retract it again.

The images have been pretty impressive, though no better (perhaps not as good) as those with the GF1’s sibling, the LX3, which is smaller and lighter still.

So I’m leaning towards thinking the GF1 might be purely retained for my beloved M42 lenses.

I’m getting back into biking, after investing in an ebike for my work commute. It’s very efficient, if a bit dull. And heavy.

So I have just picked up an old Specialized FSR which is way more fun.


Ever looking to simplify, I’m experimenting with using it in a single gear.

Then I found a simpler bike anyway, and one I always wanted, a Rockhopper.

Looking to use this as a project to strip down and make a one speed city commuter, with the ability to ride it on a few semi off-road trails with the family too.


And, as you may have gathered, I’ve decided to expand the content of 35hunter a little to include my thoughts on my return to cycling, as well as the usual photography related posts.

I’m also investigating an app called Quality Time, which shows how often you unlock your phone, and how much time you spend on each app.


Whilst some is not what I would call proper online time, eg using Whats App to message my wife and family, or the calculator, I would still like to get down to less than one hour per day.

Which is a further development of my overall “unplugged” experiments, weaning myself off being online and on devices so much. The bikes are of course helping with this too.

Updated Friday 21 Sept 2018

(The idea for this page came from the frequently inspiring Derek Sivers.)

2 thoughts on “About Now”

  1. “This could be the only camera I need…”

    Oh, come now, Sir!

    I’ve just read your … sensualist essays on those Contaxes and Minoltas and their sylphlike adapted lens, and was reminded of Lovelace (Sir Richard, not Linda). I’ve felt that way about a sleek, well-formed and balanced camera myself; there is a tactile pleasure in handling and using such, and you described it well.

    I like my phone, have gotten some solid images with it, and pleasingly tuned them with snapseed. But – ergos aside – it is not a beauteous top-drawer, purpose-built, perfectly-proportioned camera, where the glow of owning, holding it combines with the joy of what it may produce in a singular miracle of mixed pleasures.

    1. Well I completely agree, my favourite cameras I’ve ever used are probably the Contax 139 Quartz and Asahi Spotmatic F. Both with Takumar lenses (the Contax via an adapter of course). Both have an abundance of tactile pleasure – cameras and lenses – and are a joy to hold and use, even without film in. They are both of William Morris’s prerequisite’s of an object in one – I know them to be useful and believe them to be beautiful.

      But… In a perverse way there is even more pleasure in creating an image with a camera that is simple, pocketable and digital, like my Xperia. Currently the minimalist practical side of me is winning out over the lover of divine machines… And the direct simplicity of being able to shoot, edit, process and share in a matter of moments with my phone, rather than it take days or weeks with the old film cameras.

      But I still have the Contax and Spotmatic. 🙂

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