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What I’m up to right now…


July was another chapter of my ongoing One Month One Camera project.

The four Pentax K DSLRs I have are similar enough that I don’t have to adapt much when I switch from one to the other, and the lenses I have are of course compatible across them all too.


I plan to use these until that inevitable day in late autumn or early winter where it feels time to return to b/w, perhaps with the DLSRs, or more likely back to one of my favourite digital compacts like the Lumix LX3.


Online, I’ve been using Feedly for a couple of months now to follow around 30 blogs/sites.

It’s working well, and I like that I feel more in control, dipping in and out when I want, rather than feeling the need to keep up with the stream of notifications coming into my email inbox.

Offline, I’ve been watching The Umbrella Academy and the occasional Marvel film with the family – we’re gradually going through them in order on Disney Plus.

On the reading front, I’m still reading Star Wars books, currently Volume 2 of Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn trilogy – Dark Force Rising, which follows on from Episode VI – Return Of The Jedi in the overall timeline.

I keep reading about two highly rated animated Star Wars series – Rebels and Clone Wars – but having tried them I just can’t get into them like the films or books.

I can’t get over the animation which I don’t think is anything close to something more child oriented like Disney or Pixar, or the best Anime. It’s not childlike enough to be like Disney etc, but not good or detailed enough like darker anime or more adult animation.

The Mandalorian is pretty fantastic though, we have plans to watch that again soon.


Still enjoying Spotify.

On heavy rotation currently is Alaskan Tapes and 36, though my wife and daughter have been playing the Hamilton cast recording and I have to admit it’s very catchy and clever.

Especially as the very talented Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote the whole thing and plays the lead. And I just thought he was the balloonist in His Dark Materials.


It continues to be an interesting time as all kinds of changes have occurred since the Covid-19 pandemic hit over here early in the year.

The main changes for me have been a hardware upgrade at work – we now have laptops with docking stations as opposed to desktop PCs – so I can work from home.

Our organisation (a local authority) is still strongly encouraging home working as much as possible and in our office with our team of 14, only a maximum of seven are in the office on any one day, maintaining the 2m social distancing, with the rest working from home.

Typically I’m working two days a week at home, two in the office.

This suits me very well! I’m travelling less so saving time, meaning I can start earlier and/or finish later, I’m more efficient at home with fewer office distractions, and I can spend lunchtime with my family – or on a relaxed photowalk in the woods behind us.

I can’t see us going back to a full office presence, and think it’s inevitable that the organisation of 300+ people will either rent out vacant office space or move to new smaller premises and sell of the existing building/land for redevelopment.

Anyway, what are you up to right now?

Please let us know here.

Updated 9 August 2020

(The idea for this page came from the frequently inspiring Derek Sivers.)