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What I’m up to right now…


Enjoying my project for this year – One Month, One Camera – as it’s giving me two things I greatly value with photography.

First, the chance to try new (old) cameras, that are dirt cheap to buy and a fun challenge to use.

Second, even though I’m trying cameras new to me, by restricting myself to one per month, I’m immersing myself in their quirks and qualities far more than I would do if I just took them out for half a dozen shots every few months and had to try to remember their particular settings, controls and strengths each time.

I’ve realised over the last seven years that photography for me is about simplicity and immersion in the experience, and this project is enhancing both of those.

I’m also pondering making physical prints again, both for my own enjoyment, and to share with others. Somehow just having images saved digitally makes them more difficult to connect with.



Still cycling to work most days on The Mule, my ebike. I think I’ve only been put off a couple of times by rain and once by cold and ice since I bought it in August.

My other two bikes – a late 90s Specialized Crossroads and early 80s Raleigh mixte – are in the shed rather neglected during this spell of cold weather, and both looking forward to the spring.

Daily Practice

Over the years I’ve had a core routine in the mornings for health and general wellbeing.

Since October 2010 I’ve done 15-20 minutes of yoga each morning, combined with daily gratitudes and some gentle meditation, as well as other exercise. Sounds like a lot to cram into 20 minutes but it works well and sets me up for the day feeling well physically and mentally.

Activity Tracking

I’ve had a Misfit Ray around my ankle for a year now and average at least the much quoted 10,000 steps a day – though a good number of my steps are the rotation of cycle pedals!

Whilst I don’t need to track this anymore with the routines I’ve found, I do like to be aware that some lazier days when the weather’s poor I might only do 5 or 6k steps, so can make it up when the climate is more conducive again.

I do love numbers and beating targets, and my current record is around 27k steps in a single day and 392k in a single calendar month. I’d like to top 30k and 400k respectively.

What are you up to right now?

Updated Tuesday 29 Jan 2019

(The idea for this page came from the frequently inspiring Derek Sivers.)