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What I’m up to right now…


As the winter draws in, I’ve reverted back to black and white photography after a lovely summer and autumn mostly using my two Pentax CCD sensor DSLRs.

For December I’ve committed to another month of my One Month, One Camera project, this time with the fantastic Panasonic Lumix LX3, one of my absolute favourite cameras.



Since 1 September I’ve been publishing a new post every 48 hours, instead of every 36 hours previously.

This is a schedule that works well, is sustainable, and gives me enough time to respond to comments in between writing.

Though I don’t pore over stats on a daily basis, I can see over this period that slowing from publishing every 36 hours to every 48 doesn’t appeared to have had a detrimental impact on the viewing and interaction here.

So it feels I’m being more efficient with my limited online time.


Though I’ve rarely gone a day without music since perhaps my late teens, I’ve got into it far more again in the last month or so. It’s no coincidence that this has been since I started using Spotify.

By having my phone as my main music player, then using it either with earphones when walking (these Betron 750s earphones cost me an unbelievable £6.20 in an Amazon deal, sound great, and the flat cable doesn’t tangle or transmit friction/motion sound like my Sonys do), via my Wonderboom speakers either at home or in the car, and sending to our TV (hooked up to my old Denon/Mission hi-fi set up), it’s simultaneously streamlined and enriched my listening experiences.

Mostly I’ve been listening to my ambient favourites like Eluvium, Kyle Bobby Dunn, Chihei Hatakeyama, Hammock and Loscil.

My son is showing an increasing interesting in film music so we’ve been listening to a fair bit of Alan Silvestri (Avengers Assemble, and Endgame) and John Williams (Jurassic Park and Harry Potter), very enjoyable indeed.

What are you up to right now?

Updated 6 December 2019

(The idea for this page came from the frequently inspiring Derek Sivers.)