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What I’m up to right now…


After exploring different colour set ups with different cameras, I’m putting a pause on colour photography and returning to b/w.

Colour just seems to offer too many options, too many variables.

I need to retreat to the simplicity of b/w for a while.


I’ve been mostly using two cameras.

My Pentax Q, which remains a joy, and now I have the 02 Standard Zoom lens, it offers me wider angle options than the 01 Prime.

The latter is 47mm (35mm equivalent) whereas the 02 Zoom offers 28-83mm (35mm equivalent) and I’m sticking to 6mm on the lens, which is 33mm in 35mm money.


The other camera is a FujiFilm FinePix S7000 bridge camera which has really impressed me. I’ve never used a bridge camera before and whilst obviously it’s more bulky than a compact, the handling is very good, the output from the lens and 6MP Super CCD combined is lovely.

Plus it focuses down to just 0.01m, and although it’s a zoom lens, it’s a fixed lens, which means I sidestep another layer of decisions about which lens to attach, which is the case with a DSLR, and even the Pentax Q.

Add an Electronic View Finder (EVF), that’s again a first for me, and it adds up to a very capable and enjoyable camera. Oh, and ever the bargain hunter, it only cost me £12!



This year I’ve been posting a new blog post every 36 hours. The schedule is simple – 7am on day one, 7pm day two, and day three off, then starting the three day sequence again on the fourth day.

I’ve found far more benefits than downsides of this 36 hours approach.

It’s also helped me appreciate blogs in general even more, and how different they are from other social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instragram.


Still cycling to work most days on The Mule, my ebike, and I’ve just passed my 1000th mile of commuting, a minor landmark.

Plus that’s 1000 miles I haven’t used my car, with the financial and environmental savings that brings.

What are you up to right now?

Updated 13 June 2019

(The idea for this page came from the frequently inspiring Derek Sivers.)