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What I’m up to right now…


Most recently I’ve been rediscovering my Ricoh GRD III. When I’m using it, it feels like the only camera I would ever need, and there aren’t many cameras I’ve felt that about.

It’s almost certainly the only compact camera I need, then maybe keep a DSLR or two for colour, more slowly composed, shallow(er) depth of field photographs.

Camera choice aside, I’ve not been shooting anything like as frequently, or as much in one go, as at my peak a couple of years ago, and the five or six years before that.

Still trying to work that out, but it’s at least partly because I’m not buying a new camera or two every month then going out and testing it.

And partly I just don’t feel the need to take so many pictures these days. A couple of handfuls a month seems enough.

I’m also continuing to use my Realme 6 Pro for all family shots, and the occasionally artistic shot. It’s the most capable camera phone I’ve had, with a larger sensor than most digital compacts!


As we talked about recently, my online reading continues to gently evolve, but mostly involves GMail for more official day to day stuff, plus Feedly for more in depth and stimulating reading.

I’ve also been using Pocket to diversify my reading a little, which generally has more scientific posts than I read otherwise.

Offline, I continue my run of Star Wars books, and have read a dozen in perhaps a year. Who knew there were so many!

As a break (as much as like losing myself in the Star Wars universe!) I’m trying Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie, a highly regarded science fiction novel. It’s gradually growing on me, but with any completely new novel it takes me ages to get into it.

Oh and in between I also read an amazing book on trees – The Hidden Life of Trees – which I loved anyway, but now have a new level of awe about.


Still enjoying Spotify as my sole source of music.

Currently on heavy rotation are Deafheaven’s Infinite Granite, and Shelter by Alcest, as well as other records by those two. Like the shoegaze bands such as Ride, Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine from the early 90s that I’ve always loved, but a bit heavier.

Also Everything Else Matters by Pinkshinyultrablast which reminds me of Asobi Seksu’s wonderful Citrus album, and again not far removed from those classic shoegaze bands mentioned above.

And as always, my usual rotation of deeper ambient works fills the spaces between those noisy guitars and vocals.

Willamette, Tapes and Topographies, Brian McBride, and Aix Em Klemm feature frequently, plus a guy who goes by myNoise on Spotify and is a sound engineer constructing layered ambient sounds to block out distractions, rather than composing songs from a more artistic perspective.

Some interesting work, and he has a neat tool on his website to choose a track then adjust the different elements within it, like this piano one – 88 Keys.

Finally on the music front, after researching and sourcing some headphones as a present for our daughter, I liked them so much I bought a pair myself.

Very affordable as headphones go, and they’re really comfortable and sound very good, revealing previously hidden elements in tracks I thought I knew inside out, something that’s not happen since I invested in some (far more expensive) Grado SR60s about 15 years ago.

They’re the P26 model by PRTUKYT, if you’re interested. Nope, I’d not heard of them either!

Health and Fitness

My daily yoga and exercise routine is as strong as ever and has existed in some form for eleven years now. It’s one of those core pillars in my life that keep me well, on track and afloat.

Home working during the pandemic has meant my other exercise (walking and cycling) has been less regular.

So for example on a day at home, I don’t have the cycle to work both ways, or as long a lunch time walk.

Other days when I cycle to work and doing the school run (on foot), I’ll exercise far more.

Then other days still when I’m not working at all, we virtually always go on a walk as a family for 90-120 mins, enough to complete a good chunk of 10k steps in one go.


No change here, still pretty much 50/50 between working in the office and working from home, which suits me very well. I’m hoping it doesn’t change.

A while back I invested in a larger (27″) monitor (which I highly recommend to anyone wanting to make their (and other people’s) photos look better than ever) and a new little sound system – an Audio Pro Addon C5 – which I’m delighted with and has served to rejuvenate and deepen my music listening experiences – along with the new headphones mentioned above.

Anyway, enough about me, what are you up to right now?

Please let us know here.

Updated 29 September 2021

(The idea for this page came from the frequently inspiring Derek Sivers.)