Photography – A Compass Through The Chaos

The three things that seem to cause most stress in my day to day life are mess, noise, and rushing. So perhaps I'm not ideally predisposed to have three kids, two of them boys under eight. Anyway, as you know - and like you - photography is a mainstay in my life, and a passion… Continue reading Photography – A Compass Through The Chaos

What The Lens You Choose Reveals About How You See The World

Working on another post about why I enjoy using telephoto lenses (say, 70mm-135mm), I came round to thinking more widely about how the lens we choose at any one time reflects - and is influenced by - what's going on in the rest of our lives. For me, one reason for using telephotos is they… Continue reading What The Lens You Choose Reveals About How You See The World

The Camera That Killed My Curiosity

From around mid-2012 to mid-2020, I had a great thirst for new (to me, but old) cameras. This desire certainly dropped off in latter years, as I stopped shooting film (mid-2017) and then realised further that once you've discovered even a couple of digital cameras you love, there's little point in keep trying out more… Continue reading The Camera That Killed My Curiosity