Soft Play For Grown Ups – With The Zenit MC Zenitar-M2s 50mm f/2

The words "soft" and "play" in the same sentence fill many a parent with dread. Visions of children getting lost, presumed dead - or at best graphically injured - in the bowels of a giant multi-coloured indoor castle/pirate ship/spaceship/jungle that's crawling with other hot, sweaty and not doubt germ laden children, with the ever present… Continue reading Soft Play For Grown Ups – With The Zenit MC Zenitar-M2s 50mm f/2

Coming Back To What You Know

Recently I've found myself coming back to some older things I'm familiar with. Partly perhaps as a natural reaction to the endless stream of changes made necessary by 15 months and counting in some form of lockdown due to a global pandemic. And perhaps partly just because I really enjoy these things I've returned to.… Continue reading Coming Back To What You Know

Broken Yet Still Beautiful – An Old Petri M42 Lens

Being a big fan of 55mm M42 lenses, about a year ago I came across an unusual Petri CC Auto 55mm f/1.8. I wrote then about how the Petri impressed me. With my little Samsung GX-1S back in action - incidentally the same camera I first used with the Petri last year - I decided… Continue reading Broken Yet Still Beautiful – An Old Petri M42 Lens

The Ageless Excitement Of New Old Toys

During my childhood, I evolved through various collections of toys. One of the first, and longest lasting, was Action Man, and one of the most endearing memories I have is being at my dad's garage (he sold cars for large periods of my upbringing) and stumbling across a huge cardboard box full of assorted Action… Continue reading The Ageless Excitement Of New Old Toys

An Old Friend, Back For The Summer?

After using almost nothing but my phone camera and the Lumix FZ38 bridge camera for about eight months, I had the urge yesterday to return to a DSLR. And of course to this Pentax devotee, that means only one option. Well, only one brand, I should say, I do have four Pentax DSLRs. One of… Continue reading An Old Friend, Back For The Summer?