Why I Prefer Manual Focus (Even With An Auto Focus Lens)

Our recent conversation around how hard photography should be, reminded me how much I enjoy certain manual aspects of photography. One of those is manual focusing a lens. With a digital compact I'm quite happy to let the Auto Focus (AF) do the work. But with a DSLR, the pace and the motives are different.… Continue reading Why I Prefer Manual Focus (Even With An Auto Focus Lens)

Photography – How Hard Should It Be?

A couple of recent photowalks with different lenses on the same camera posed varying degrees of challenge. In short, one was a seamless, fluid and instinctive experience, while the other was awkward and stuttering. Which meant the amount I enjoyed the two walks varied considerably too. This got me thinking about how difficult the photography… Continue reading Photography – How Hard Should It Be?

Soft Play For Grown Ups – With The Zenit MC Zenitar-M2s 50mm f/2

The words "soft" and "play" in the same sentence fill many a parent with dread. Visions of children getting lost, presumed dead - or at best graphically injured - in the bowels of a giant multi-coloured indoor castle/pirate ship/spaceship/jungle that's crawling with other hot, sweaty and not doubt germ laden children, with the ever present… Continue reading Soft Play For Grown Ups – With The Zenit MC Zenitar-M2s 50mm f/2

Coming Back To What You Know

Recently I've found myself coming back to some older things I'm familiar with. Partly perhaps as a natural reaction to the endless stream of changes made necessary by 15 months and counting in some form of lockdown due to a global pandemic. And perhaps partly just because I really enjoy these things I've returned to.… Continue reading Coming Back To What You Know

Broken Yet Still Beautiful – An Old Petri M42 Lens

Being a big fan of 55mm M42 lenses, about a year ago I came across an unusual Petri CC Auto 55mm f/1.8. I wrote then about how the Petri impressed me. With my little Samsung GX-1S back in action - incidentally the same camera I first used with the Petri last year - I decided… Continue reading Broken Yet Still Beautiful – An Old Petri M42 Lens