Digital Photography – What First Attracted You?

So before we talked about what first attracted us to film photography. This time, it's the turn of digital photography.  My first digital camera (phone) was a Motorola Razr V3i, though I don't really recall making many photos with it, and don't have any saved in my archives. The first camera I remember using with… Continue reading Digital Photography – What First Attracted You?

Photography, Pause, Reset

A rising theme in articles I've read around Covid-19 this week, is the view that this enforced pause on "normal" life most of us have experienced, has caused many to take stock and reconsider what's most important. The kind of objectivity and space to think that all but disappears when we're caught up in the… Continue reading Photography, Pause, Reset

Film Photography – What First Attracted You?

My first experience of shooting film was with a Polaroid in the late 90s. My then partner and I were both interested in various creative exploits, and photography was something we wanted to try, but in a fun and instant way, without having to learn or invest too much. Back then, digital photography was very… Continue reading Film Photography – What First Attracted You?

How To Create The Ultimate Pocket Sketchbook Camera

This month I've been experimenting with two or three different cameras, which have been pretty impressive. Being in the full flow of spring now too, it's seemed logical to start to switch back to colour photography, to capture the resplendent displays of late daffodils, tulips and of course bluebells. But somehow, I keep getting drawn… Continue reading How To Create The Ultimate Pocket Sketchbook Camera

The Sum Of Small Changes

There's a saying that it's the little things that make the difference, and I completely agree. Recently when my preferred milk (unsweetened almond) was in shorter supply, I decided to make what we had go further by making my morning porridge with one part water, three parts almond milk, instead of all milk. The difference… Continue reading The Sum Of Small Changes