How To Write Entire Blog Posts In Your Head

We've spoken before about generating ideas for blog posts, and how one of the crucial elements in the process for me is capturing an idea when it arrives.  It's all too easy to come up with an idea (or have an idea spontaneously appear in your mind), think that you'll remember it next time you… Continue reading How To Write Entire Blog Posts In Your Head

The Serene Sacred Solitude Of Photography

Whilst some love photography in the streets, at demonstrations, festivals or any other event with throngs of interesting people to photograph, I'm quite the opposite. For me, photography is a conduit for escape from the bustle of daily life, even from my own family. As much as I adore them, I'm just someone who needs… Continue reading The Serene Sacred Solitude Of Photography

Film Photography – The Joy Of Experiments And Alternative Treatments

Inspired by Lisa Marie's wonderful cyanotypes, I've been looking back over some of the film photography experiments and alternative treatments I've tried and enjoyed. Here are a few, a brief description of my approach, and a sample image or two for each. Redscale Put simply, the film is reversed so light hits the back of… Continue reading Film Photography – The Joy Of Experiments And Alternative Treatments

Why We Need To Blaze (Or Meander Or Putter) Our Own Trail

Cycling to work whenever possible (which essentially means any day it's not torrential rain), reminds me to blaze my own trail in other areas in my life. I know that my bike only goes about 30mph on the fastest downhill on the way home, and over the whole journey I average around 13mph. This means… Continue reading Why We Need To Blaze (Or Meander Or Putter) Our Own Trail

The Trouble With Choosing Your Best Photos

When I edit a batch of photos from my latest photowalk, I'm sure just like you, I only want to keep the very best. I'm fairly ruthless with editing, so it's not unusual to take 100 photos in a couple of hours then delete 80 or 90 of them when reviewing them. But picking those… Continue reading The Trouble With Choosing Your Best Photos