The Three Biggest Turn Offs When Viewing Photography Blogs

I follow around 25 blogs at any one time, all of them chosen as I feel they are well worth my attention. We're each limited in how much time we have, so who wants to waste it on blogs and sites they're not getting anything from? In my explorations, a few common features pop up… Continue reading The Three Biggest Turn Offs When Viewing Photography Blogs

Film Photography Without Any Film

Photography is about far more than just the final image. Whilst I've never completely forgotten to load a roll of film in a camera before heading out to shoot, there have been a handful of occasions where for whatever reason, the film hasn't wound on with each shot. I remember a particular time when I… Continue reading Film Photography Without Any Film

The Secret Magical Teaching Tool Of A Digital Camera

If I had to give just one reason why these days I shoot 100% digital and not film, it comes down to this. With digital, you have immediate feedback about how your decisions in setting up the camera to make a photograph worked out.  If the image is a disaster, it doesn't matter. You can… Continue reading The Secret Magical Teaching Tool Of A Digital Camera

How I Read A Blog Is How I Write A Blog

Does the way you read other people's blogs influence the way you write your own? My fellow blogger and photographer Jim Grey recently wrote about how he reads blogs and compiles posts of interest for his weekly "Recommended Reading" round up, which I recently, er, recommended, along with a few others. It prompted me to think about… Continue reading How I Read A Blog Is How I Write A Blog

The Intimidation Of The Expensive Camera

Regular readers of 35hunter will be well aware of my penchant for a bargain camera, both film and digital. I find something very satisfying in using kit that cost me peanuts to make images I love. The most I've ever paid for a camera was also the only one I've ever bought new. My Nikon Coolpix… Continue reading The Intimidation Of The Expensive Camera