Sundays Unplugged

I'm all for little experiments in life to try out new things that might improve the well-being of myself and those close to me. Usually, these changes are motivated by a part of my life that I'm not so happy with. For example, recently I've added extra exercise to the core 20 minutes morning yoga… Continue reading Sundays Unplugged

Film Photography’s Lost Lessons #1 – Aperture

My photography journey so far can be described in three stages - 1. Phone cameras taught me the basics of composition and helped me find my favourite subjects. 2. Film photography showed me the fundamental potential and relationship between ISO, aperture and shutter speed. 3. Digital compacts gives me the best balance of pleasure, simplicity,… Continue reading Film Photography’s Lost Lessons #1 – Aperture

Trading Pixels For Paper

Aside from Wouter’s vast archive of photography on his blog, I’ve not found much inspiration online recently. So I’m going back to basics, and have just borrowed a handful of photography books from the local library, as well as resuming one I got as a present last year and got about half way through (the… Continue reading Trading Pixels For Paper

The Colours Of Spring (Through The Eyes Of The Pentax Q)

It's only mid February but there are plenty of signs of spring here. Which means a bit of a shift in palette from my photography - I've been shooting probably 90% monochrome and 10% muted colour since October.  The Pentax Q is very obliging with its array of settings. Most useful are Custom Image and… Continue reading The Colours Of Spring (Through The Eyes Of The Pentax Q)

How Would Your Photography Have Looked Born A Generation Older?

Unlike some photographers who picked up a camera whilst still in nappies, I was more of a late bloomer. I didn't start shooting intentionally until around 2006 (aged 30ish), with a series of camera phones that led to a "proper" digital compact in 2011, followed by the explosion in summer 2012 that trumpeted my discovery… Continue reading How Would Your Photography Have Looked Born A Generation Older?