Flickr Master Reset (Or How To Rejuvenate Your Online Portfolio)

When I began using Flickr in 2009 it was for two reasons - a back up of my best photos, and a public "portfolio" of those photos. Nine years and, somewhat shockingly, over 4500 uploaded photos later, I'm thinking about where to go with it next. I still want to use it as an archive/back… Continue reading Flickr Master Reset (Or How To Rejuvenate Your Online Portfolio)

Photo Blogging – What Does Success Look Like?

Fellow bloggers, I expect a good few of you are, like me, fascinated with the stats and figures WordPress makes available to us too, to gauge how "successful" our blogs are. For a long time with 35hunter, I was most interested in visitors and page views. Surely, I thought, the more visits and page views… Continue reading Photo Blogging – What Does Success Look Like?

Decision Fatigue (And How I’m Escaping)

A journalist interviewing a famous world leader asked "Why do you wear virtually the same suit every day?" Their response, to paraphrase, was "When you have as many important decisions to make as I do in a day, you do all you can to eliminate all the trivial ones." When I was shooting a dozen… Continue reading Decision Fatigue (And How I’m Escaping)

Woods Gallery 04 (The Dreams Already Around Us)

Some 21 years ago I was in a relationship where we both, for various reasons, wanted to run away from everything we knew. Our dream took various forms, including a log cabin in Alaska or British Columbia, and a similarly remote beach side shack. A common "vision within the vision" was simply sitting together outside… Continue reading Woods Gallery 04 (The Dreams Already Around Us)