Why An iPhone Can’t (Yet) Be My One And Only Camera

Ever wanting to minimise my camera kit, it's crossed my mind more than once than a camera phone could be the only one I need. Which would be ironic, as this is how I began photographing with intention over a decade ago, years before I discovered film, or knew what any of those intimidating and… Continue reading Why An iPhone Can’t (Yet) Be My One And Only Camera

Champion The Wonder Zoom?

Traditionally I've been a prime lens kind of photographer. I just like the simplicity of having one less variable to consider. Plus the journey of getting to know how the world looks at a fixed focal length and field of view - so you can visualise the part of the scene the camera will capture… Continue reading Champion The Wonder Zoom?

Guilty Secrets And The Great Film Fallout 2017

This feels something of a confessional. I started writing 35hunter in late 2015 with the following intentions - 35hunter is a diary of my photography hunting adventures. The three things I’m hunting for are – Beautiful objects and scenes to capture with a photograph. Usually using 35mm film cameras. The ideal camera. Or, more realistically, a small collection… Continue reading Guilty Secrets And The Great Film Fallout 2017