The Resonance Of A Single Photograph

Despite my (in my mind) pretty ruthless editing, I think I probably save and share way too many photographs. Aside from possibly letting less than my very best out into the public gaze, I'm also concerned sometimes that revealing a batch of photographs (ie anything more than one) at once dilutes the potential impact of… Continue reading The Resonance Of A Single Photograph

Obsessive Photographic Labelling – And How I’m Letting Go

It continually fascinates me how things come full circle. Back in 2011 and 2012 where I was shooting almost exclusively with a Nikon Coolpix - my first "proper" camera - I simply had one folder on my MacBook for all the photos I made each year. As I got into film and tried more and… Continue reading Obsessive Photographic Labelling – And How I’m Letting Go

The Four Pillars Of My Photography World

Anyone who's read more than half a dozen posts on 35hunter will have noticed a common thread about keeping things simple. This post is a, er, simple overview of my photography world, and the four major pillars within it. Reading I mostly read other people's photography blogs like those of Jim, Peggy Anne, Frank and… Continue reading The Four Pillars Of My Photography World