The Resonance Of A Single Photograph

Despite my (in my mind) pretty ruthless editing, I think I probably save and share way too many photographs.

Aside from possibly letting less than my very best out into the public gaze, I’m also concerned sometimes that revealing a batch of photographs (ie anything more than one) at once dilutes the potential impact of any (and every) one of them.

So I’m planning a series of very short posts to explore and amplify the resonance of a single photograph.


As always, your thoughts and comments are very welcome and warmly encouraged.

Thanks for reading. Please share this post with others you feel will enjoy it too. If you’re interested, this is what my photography life looks like right now.

15 thoughts on “The Resonance Of A Single Photograph”

  1. Dan, to be really honest I love this idea. I love short posts and one or two images especially just one. I love being able to focus my attention on snippets of information and a single image to really soak it in rather than often rushing through a long post and lots of images whether they be yours or someone elses. I’m sure other people like the idea of more but I like the idea of less. I’m sure at times you would need to do longer posts to get your message across. shorter posts would give you time for other things!!!!! Meanwhile I am rambling…..xoxox susanJOY

    1. Thanks Susan. I’d definitely like to try a mixture of short, single photograph posts, in between the longer, word wordy ones. It gives you the reader and me the writer a bit of breathing space and a refreshing change of pace.

  2. I tried this several times in the past years. It’s basically an excellent idea to let people focus on a simgle image. Being a lazy guy I was unable to get it working consistently… silly me!

    One blog I follow (perhaps you know it) consists exclusively of simgle photos, wonderful stuff in a color palette I love. Sometimes a bit of text, but rarely.

    Take a look at it:

  3. The intro text may be short, yet this shot, like many of yours, speaks reams. Isolated details are a technique not much done; you have many such, all very fine, but this is a wonderful, striking singularity. Truly freighted: emotion, understated pathos, even subtle warmth.

    1. Thanks William for your kind words, I’m most flattered. Look out for more such posts (and hopefully photographs) in the coming weeks and months.

  4. When I return from a photowalk (usually by myself) or a trip, I may have dozens of photographs after two hours. I will cull through that and be left with maybe 10 really good ones. For me the challenge is which of that 10 can I share before my next photowalk or trip? If I share one per day over 10 days, you will always be looking at my past. If I do three trips in a week, then I will have a collection of images that are never shared. Why bother keep them at all?

    1. Interesting questions! Maybe the point is to shoot without any thought of sharing, just enjoy the experience for yourself, and therefore use the equipment that optimises this enjoyment for you.

  5. I am in the midst of working out how I want to work and play with my photography and what photos I want to keep, use and share. I am realising I need to be more fluid and organic and just go with the moment and not make any rules I have to stick with. This approach is new to me

      1. It is so nice to touch base with you again Dan. so much has changed since our CCS days. I am ever so grateful for those days and the memories. I take my mobile phone out with me whenever I leave the house. I have no aim in mind. Just to capture what I want to remember and to share. the other day it was bluebells I found on my walk. they were growing in a suburban house garden as no woods here!

      2. Yes, can you believe I started CCS in 2007!

        I love bluebells, this must be just the right season for them, of course six months after here as you’re on the other side of the world.

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