2 thoughts on “One Frame #4”

  1. hiya Dan

    this looks more like a snap that a well thought out composition
    It feels neither here nor there
    not one of your best

    what was your though process in posting this one?

    hope all is well down in West Sussex my friend


    1. Anton, thanks for your thoughts, I’ve missed you the last couple of weeks.

      You are pretty much spot on. This was a spontaneous snap, and I’m not sure how well it works. To me there’s the common theme in much of what I photograph, the conflict and balance between nature and the man made. I just liked the intensity of the colours of the leaves with the sun coming through (it’s processed, but not much).

      And I posted it partly as an experiment to see what the comments would be. The lack of any, then yours questioning why I posted it, reassure me my judgement is right, it probably wasn’t worth sharing! 🙂

      I’ll up my game for the next “One Frame”…

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