7 thoughts on “One Frame #5”

  1. Dan, I really really enjoy the “one frame” as it gives me a chance to really soak up your photography. with your other long posts I often forget to look at the photos because I am so busy reading what you’ve written! xoxo susanJOY

    1. Thanks Susan, for understanding and appreciating what I’m trying to do with the One Frame series.

      Another blogger I follow publishes a post once a week with his best shots of the week, and no text. I quite like this, but again you have five to 10 shots to digest at once rather than just one.

      With my more lengthy text posts, I still want to feature a few photos, maybe I’d be better having just one per post though for all posts. Then in between publishing more of the One Frame series. Something else to experiment with.

      1. Dan, I’m happy to go on your continuing journey of change with your blogging whatever you decide I will work in with it and keep commenting. I like the multiple photos in your longer text blog entries. the photos are a nice pause spot as one reads. My favourite though would be the single frame posts……then again I do like your long chatty posts……..xoxo susanJOY

      2. Susan, yes that’s what I feel too, so I think it’s good to mix it up and have some “One Frame” posts, and other longer wordier ones with images to punctuate them.

  2. loving the perspective in this image!

    I also enjoy these One Frame posts and I’m considering doing something similar (again.. already tried and failed!).

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