Sharing Our Favourite Photography Videos

Do you watch many photography videos online?

Richard recently shared a couple of Daido Moriyama videos with me, which I enjoyed greatly. I started thinking about the wealth of other photography films that must be out there.

In the past I’ve used YouTube to watch camera reviews (like Blunty raving about the Pentax Q) but not much else photography related.

But, as with YouTube generally, there’s an almost limitless vault of old documentaries on all kinds of subjects and passions. 

The one series of videos I do remember and found very inspiring were DigitalRev’s Pro Photographer, Cheap Camera challenge.

Whilst I’m far from a pro photographer I have enjoyed many similar challenges – getting decent results out of a very cheap an/or old camera.


The rewards somehow seem much greater than getting equivalent results from a camera that is far better equipped in the first place.

But that’s a discussion for another day.

So I’m curious, which are your favourite photography related videos online?

Please share your links below, we’d love to widen our knowledge and enjoyment – and have something to distract us from watching/reading more camera reviews! (Remember to tick the “Notify me of new comments via email” box to follow the conversation).

Thanks for looking. Please share this post with others you feel will enjoy it too. If you’re interested, this is what my photography life looks like right now.

11 thoughts on “Sharing Our Favourite Photography Videos”

    1. Thank you for the tip – I’ve just finished a photo book on Saul Leiter and have a “Books Before Gear” post in draft. Will be interesting to see the film.

      PS/ Happy you’re still reading, even happier when you comment too. : )

  1. I enjoyed watching Maximilian Heinrich’s ‘Analog Insights’ on Youtube. Particularly liked his review on the Leica III f. and you’ll also find other reviews he’s done like his latest on Pentax KX, MX and LX cameras.

    Documentary’s, there’s so many I have come across. I enjoyed and found informative is ‘Pen, Brush and Camera’ Made in 1999 and is about Henri Carter Bresson on his life and work.

    The Many Lives of William Klein (2012) a BBC production with Alan Yentob.

    Everybody Street – is a film I stumbled across on Youtube. Highlights the lives and work of New York’s iconic street photographers, including Joel Meyerowitz, Bruce Davidson, Mary Ellen Mark, Elliott Erwitt, Ricky Powell and Jamel Shabazz.

    Another film is ‘McCullin’ 2012, about the work of war photographer Don McCullin although I will warn you that viewer discretion is advised, some very strong images, but very good film. I can only find it online in poor quality or with language subtitles or dubbing. You’d have to purchase this one at £2.49 on Youtube .

    We could go on, but I think I’ll leave it at that for now.

    1. Agreed. Ted Forbes’ channel is excellent especially hi Artist Series where he interview contemporary photographers about their work.
      I also like watching John Free on YouTube as he is very passionate about photography.

  2. I tried to post a link to the 1983 BBC series Master Photographers on youtube but I failed miserably. A quick search should bring up some good interviews with Ansel Adams, Bill Brandt, Andreas Feininger and others.

      1. No problem Jay, I just went to YouTube, typed BBC Master Photographers in the search box then copied the resultant URL. Thought it might be something others here might be interested in too.

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