Into The Light

One of photography’s common rules is “don’t shoot into the light”.

It’s one I’m quite fond of breaking.


Especially with cheaper cameras/lenses that flare and create interesting effects.





How about you, do you enjoy shooting into the light?

Please let us know below, and feel free to link to your photographs (and don’t forget to tick the “Notify me of new comments via email” box to follow the conversation).

Thanks for looking.

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14 thoughts on “Into The Light”

    1. Thanks you, that’s a lovely expression. I agree that often with light streaming into a picture it does create a feeling of hope and optimism.

  1. Sometimes I do use flare, but than I had this thought – why should I add flare to make photos interesting? Isn’t it weak photo if flare is main thing in the photo? Thought I like its aesthetics. But I would prefer flare just as coincidence…not doing it on purpose.

    1. Hi Pavel, thanks for your thoughts.

      I think I see it differently. I’m curious about how the world looks through the eyes (ie lens) of certain cameras.

      So light flare is part of this. It’s like saying what does this camera see when it looks into the sun? And how is that different from what I see with my naked eye?

      I like that different cameras see differently, and I enjoy exploring this with different cameras in similar scenes and light conditions.

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