Right Here, Right Now

I’ve just updated my About Now page, the first time in over four months!

Please check out what I’m up to here – About Now.


What are you up to about now? 

Please let us know in the comments below (and don’t forget to tick the “Notify me of new comments via email” box to follow the conversation).

Thanks for looking.

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20 thoughts on “Right Here, Right Now”

  1. Hi Dan…
    You end your about page with your usual question to readers, this time it’s “Anyway, what are you up to right now?” But you don’t have comments on that page turned on, so I can’t answer it! Well, not there anyway.

    You might enjoy the blog ‘James Proclaims’, particularly as during this May he reviewed, in his own inimitable style, an aspect of the Star Wars canon, films, cartoon series etc, every day that month.Here’s the first one… https://jamesproclaims.com/2020/05/01/

    Me? Oh, this and that. Only just getting out more after a period of tragedy, fear and Covid-unrelated illness but hopefully some more photography and blogging on that site soon.

      1. I have two blogs with them turned on. So we’re at 2-2 ‘with v without’ so far.
        So I think maybe not ‘normal’, just ‘some people prefer..’
        But if you read my first paragraph again, you might see that I didn’t tell Dan that he was wrong not to have it turned on, just pointed out that the post ends with a question asking us for a response that cannot be answered there. That’s all.
        Thanks for deciding I needed educating though. Very thoughtful.

      2. As I explained above Bear, I just didn’t want to potentially confuse readers, and keep conversation around a post all of the same time, rather than it stretch over months or years and have comments refer to text that’s long since superseded.

    1. Thanks Bear. I’m reading James Proclaims with interest!

      Glad to hear you’re returning to more photography and blogging, as someone else who has these two pursuits as pretty fundamental pillars in their life.

      Regarding the About Now page, I decided to not have the comments turned on because it’s not a static page, I update it every now and then (every month is the plan), and it would seem odd if someone was commenting about something on the page that had been replaced a year previously, and may well confuse new readers completely.

      So I usually update the main page, then publish a short new post to say I’ve updated the main page, and ask what others have been up to, so all the comments on the new post are relevant and of the same time, like a current conversation rather than one that’s fragmented and stretched over months and years.

      Hope that makes sense!

      1. I understand your thought process and reasoning about the page and comments turned off Dan, but my point about it stands.
        For me, if it is not intended as a page to comment on, don’t ask a question at the end of it. Or simply link this page to that question, or with a ‘Comments Here’ link after it.
        If readers haven’t come to your About Now page from announcement page like this one, there’s nowhere obvious they can answer the question you ask there.

        Old hands know your ways, the ‘Now’ part of it is a good concept, but the same reason that new readers may be confused by comments not seeming to be relevant to the post on the ‘About Now’ page if you turn them on, is also there when not having anywhere on that page to put a comment when the post itself ends by asking for them. “Anyway, what are you up to right now?” should be a link to this page.

      2. Yeh that’s a good idea. I used to have a blog linked with a Google+ community, so I’d write the main post on the blog, then use G+ for the surrounding discussions.

        I could certainly have a link at the end of the About Now page to the most recent post that mentioned it.

        I guess I’ve assumed that people only got to the About Now page when I ask them, via a blog post, and forget that perhaps some people visit via the link at the top of any page.

  2. Hi Dan, nice to catch up on your recent news.
    I got back from holidays a few days ago and got lots of photos to share in the nearest future. Still using Darktable for selection and PP, quite familiar with it by now.

    I loved “Umbrella Academy” (just finished the 2nd season) and also recently watched “Fear City” on NY mafia back in the 80’s (very well done).

    Music wise, discovering “Skinshape” and “Still Corners”…

    1. Thanks Yuri. We’re on episode four I think of season one, interesting so far, kind of like Marvel if it was directed by Tarantino, with a dash of David Lynch too perhaps.

      I’ve heard good things about Darktable, if I ever return to post processing I’ll check it out!

      1. No. Today my wife and her sisters are commemorating the (April) death of their father from COVID-19. There are still too many stupid people out there for me to feel safe.

      2. Ditto over here. It’s amazing how many already so privileged people are prepared to put themselves and others at risk because they feel hard done by.

        Someone I work with booked a holiday to a nearby European destination, and as the date of departure (last Saturday) drew near, and reports of new cases being at their highest for two months in that country and the likelihood any UK travellers heading there would need to quarantine for 14 days on their return continued, we were amazed they were still even considering going. But off they went.

        Then the inevitable was announced a few days ago, that anyone returning from today would have to self-isolate for 14 days. He has a work laptop so can do a certain amount at home but it does put extra pressure on other people in the team with his reduced productivity/access, and just the unnecessary risks he’s taken. All for a holiday he felt entitled too as he hasn’t been away since March – and with that he barely got home within days of lockdown measures coming into force, he was lucky he wasn’t quarantined that time.

        To me, not having a holiday one year is a minor sacrifice to protect yourself, your family, and those you otherwise come into close contact with.

        Rant over!

  3. This is 1 of my favs I’ve seen on here! Especially the angles and how the flowers go out in all directions also how they are blurred!
    Need a recommendation again please? I have a budget of $500, I want to buy a basic point and shoot. I know you gave me a recommendation before bit I lost it. Could you give me a recommendation of 3 camera types for beginners ? Also if you would buy any of those used? I’m not going to ever want to get into cameras w/lenses or too complicated. I just want a camera w/ a zoom if possible, that is better then my “good phone camera”. I have a good eye & basic knowledge of what makes a good photo. Thanks so much!

    1. Thanks for your kind comments on the photograph.

      I’m not really one for recommendations as all of my stuff is old, I think the newest digital camera I have is about 2012!

      Generally, I would say think about what you plan to photograph most. Then pick a camera with a lens that suits this. That’s probably the first decision. For example if you want to capture birds in a tree 25 metres away, you need a fairly long zoom. If you want to shoot close ups of flowers, you need a camera that focuses close. And so on.

      1. okay, the recommendation was i can’t remember but when i looked for that model there was a variation but the end numbers were different. Cameras are so technical it’s intimidating. It’s like machine sewing. I know how to sew, make my own pattern, but cannot use a machine because when the bobbin etc gets stuck, i am inept when it comes to “mechanical” stuff. Not saying a camera is going to break but, its more about how to use a piece of equipment/tool properly, then the actual self expression. i guess i will google cameras for beginners haha

      2. Well, I have enjoyed Lumix cameras greatly. I don’t know the newer models but my LX3, which was superseded by a not too dissimilar LX5 then LX7, is fantastic and I’d highly recommend.

        They’re pretty straightforward to use, with either the standard PASM modes (Program, Aperture priority, Shutter priority, Manual) plus Auto, or iAuto (Intelligent Auto) on some models when you want the camera to do the thinking and you can just focus on composition.

        In terms of user friendliness and final image, you can’t go far wrong with a Canon IXUS. They’re not that exciting, but very dependable.

        Last year I bought an IXUS 870 IS for about £15 and had great fun with it, and it made very impressive pictures for its size –


        These days my son (seven years old) uses it, and he’s made some lovely images of flowers up close (the macro mode is great, and easy to use).

        Our daughter (11) has a similar but slightly later model, I think it’s 12MP. Again super compact, easy to use, very capable.

        So maybe a Canon would suit you? They’ve made dozens of models, I recall buying a used one a while back and I’m sure the box had a sticker saying they’d sold over a million digital IXUS cameras. And that was an old camera!

      3. Thank You Dan. I purchased a Sony DSCW830/B 20.1 MP Digital Camera with 2.7-Inch LCD. I googled some “wildlife” recommendations. I sort of know what this means:
        20.1 Megapixel Plus 8x Zoom. The rest describe movie stuff * panoramic.
        what appeared to be similar Sony cameras came up in a lot of reviews..
        I’m sure it will be fine, and I have to start somewhere ha ha.

      4. Well, you probably don’t need 20MP, but it looks a good camera. I’ve had a number of older Sony Cyber-shots and they’ve always performed well. I read not long ago that something like 50% of the sensors in all new cameras and 70% in smart phones (including Apple iPhones) are Sony made! So they know how to make a digital image. Let us know how it goes.

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