Why I Share My Photographs

Minolta AF-C plus Ferrania Solaris 200 expired film

A few conversations recently have made me rethink why I share my photographs, and how that has evolved over the last few years.

The places I share are pretty few.

Here on 35hunter, on my Flickr, and occasionally on Instagram.

Offline, I rarely share my photographs with anyone.

Here are the major reasons I share my work –

  1. An underlying need to remind myself and others that the world is beautiful. 

    Much of the time the world feels chaotic, busy, out of control, even ugly. By seeking out tiny pockets of beauty and wonder, then immortalising them in a photograph, it helps shift my focus and remind me that there is always something beautiful and interesting to be found in the often overlooked details.

    I seem compelled to share this with others to try to remind them too.

    Olympus LT-1 plus AgfaPhoto Vista Plus 200 desaturated to b/w
  2. To connect with like minded photographers.

    We can’t really find other photographers (and camera collectors, in my case), unless we have something to share ourselves.

    Yes, I could just follow other people and even comment on their blogs and work, but it seems more genuine, and completes the circle if I’m creating and sharing my own photographs too.

    Contax 139 Quartz with Yashica ML 50mm f/2 lens plus Truprint FG+200 expired film
  3. To inspire others that they can make similar photo with the same cheap humble kit.

    Ansel Adams said 12 great images is a good achievement for any year. I share somewhat more than that, and I don’t claim to be anywhere near the legend of Adams! The reason I don’t just share what I consider my very best work, is so others can see what is possible with various cameras, lenses and film. in the same way others have done for me.

    If I come across a new (old) camera/lens/film that looks interesting, the first thing I’ll do is seek out images online made by others to see what it’s is capable of. I hope when others do the same, by having my images well tagged, they find photographs by cameras/lenses/film I have used and are inspired enough to try that particular one themselves.

    Canon EOS500 with M42 Fujinon 55mm f/1.8 lens plus Fuji Superia 100 expired film
  4. To create a natural extension to my hobby.

    I love using old film cameras to make photographs, and whilst this is the major element of my photographic hobby, sharing online is a natural and enjoyable extension.

    Times in the evening when it’s not feasible to be out photographing due to darkness, weather, family etc, it’s good to have the option to still focus on something directly connected to my photography, and deepens and enriches my enjoyment of the art.

    Olympus XA plus AgfaPhoto Vista Plus 200 film
  5. So people tell me I’m a good photographer.

    I’m not beyond the reach of ego, and yes it’s great sometimes when someone you admire and respect (or even a random stranger) lets you know they like your photographs and are pleased you shared them.

    Obviously if I kept them entirely to myself this couldn’t happen.

    Contax 167MT with Yashica ML 50mm f/1.7 lens plus Truprint FG+200 film

Why do you share your photographs?

Please let us know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading. Please share this post with others you feel will enjoy it too.

4 thoughts on “Why I Share My Photographs”

  1. Beautiful photography and well captured. I appreciate you sharing — this is often something I ask myself. I share my photos as a way to share my experiences with others, and to allow people to see things the way I see them! Always important to continue expanding perspectives…

    1. Hi Andie, thanks for commenting. Yes I agree about sharing how we see the world. I think being a photographer makes us look at the world more closely and we then find (and photograph) some of the beautiful things we see that maybe most people would just walk by without a second glance. Love the name of your blog by the way!

  2. Its a good question to come back to once in a while Dan. You brought up some valid points with which i agree. I too share my work to connect with others, hopefully not just photographers (eventhough, my non-photog friends will look at the content more than anything else) , to show those moments and beautiful things we often oversee in life. ALso, a good reason to share (street photography) i believe – is to show our subjective view on whats happening on our streets. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Yuri, thanks for your thoughts. Yes, whilst I don’t do much street photography (at least not with people in!) I think it’s a good point about documenting what we see through our eyes.

      I like the historical documentary aspect too – there are things I’ve photographed that are no longer there, and in that sense I’ve made a historical document that others could refer to in the future to see how the subject/building/street etc once was…

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