13 thoughts on “Photography Now! (With Added Cycling!)”

  1. Dan, right now I am in the library watching the sun go down behind the trees as it gets ready to set in a while. I am remembering I haven’t done my daily photo for a couple of days as haven’t been well with my chronic illness and trying to feel positive about the shots I have made not the ones I haven’t xoxo susanJOY

    1. Susan, yes there are always shots we haven’t made, indeed this applies to anything we haven’t made or done. Far better to focus on what we have done, as you say, and be thankful for all we have.

  2. Hi Dan, I like the “added cycling”. I’m at work trying to get back in the groove after my vacation/camping trip. I got my vintage bicycle back from the shop today and wanted to send you a photo, but couldn’t figure out how to do it.

    1. Jon, I like the added cycling too!

      Re the photo, I’d love to see it. Is it online anywhere, like Flickr, Google Photos? If so you can just copy and paste the link in a reply here.

      1. Dan, I forgot to say, that is a nice bike. When I lived in Vermont years ago, they were one of the most popular models. Everybody had one. (Except me, I didn’t cycle back then) We have similar bikes at work for the staff to ride with the residents and I like them a lot except for the handlebars. Flat bars are my most un-favorite style. Will try to send a link to my Flkr but it might be a while, it looks like I have to replace my computer which I have had since the first Obama administration I think. Those were the days. Sigh.

      2. I really like the Rockhopper, it’s stripped down, no frills, but quality, and classy. I like the geometry, it feels simpler and lower than the other two bikes I have which (I guess due to suspension forks) have a so much higher front end. I’d like another bike like the Rockhopper, from that era, perhaps a Marin, or Kona, again no suspension and a just classic old school MTB.

    1. Jon the link works fine! That’s a handsome old fella. It looks really short, compared with modern bikes, I guess the intention is that the ride is more relaxed and laid back than longer and lower like a racer or MTB. I’d love to ride something like this to see what it’s like, never been on anything like it.

      Oh and I remember your Flickr now from ages ago, and I was confused about your name then. So is your real name Jon or Louis? Or neither? 🙂

      1. Dan, My full name is jon-louis but I don’t use it often. I have a totally fictitious name on Facebook, which I seldom use. (I sometimes need to use it for work) I thought you had deleted your Flickr but I found it again. I am going in the opposite direction as you having just signed up for the dreaded “instagram” as that was the only way I could follow my favorite goat-rescue organization! It seems like a lot of folks who once posted on Flickr and F.B. have migrated there. Regards,

      2. Intrigued as to why/how you use a fictitious name for work! Are you a spy or something??

        Instagram is worth trying, I did and it wasn’t for me. Others love it!

      3. I work in a group home. I’m just a very private person (I’m autistic) and don’t have any interest in social media. Also, I don’t trust FB. I do have to use it though, for example one of the residents is having an art show next month.

      4. We’re similar in many ways, I’m very private too, I think it’s why I never full embraced social media, at least not for “real life” friends. I see what you mean about Facebook, you signed up under alias just to have access to certain stuff on there you need an account for.

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