Leaves, Lovely Leaves (I)

My photographic repertoire is pretty narrow in terms of the subjects I love to capture.

Amongst the sunlit gravestones, dilapidated doors and rusting bolts, a major favourite of mine are leaves.

So I thought I’d gather together half a dozen of my favourite leaf photos from my Flickr archives. 

I hope you enjoy them – please let me know your thoughts below.







Thanks for looking.

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6 thoughts on “Leaves, Lovely Leaves (I)”

    1. Thanks Rob. Do you mean you like making many pictures of the same thing or place? I definitely have favourite places I go to and make similar photographs but with a different camera or at a different time of the year, so over the years I have a kind of visual history of these places…

      1. I think often that is more challenging than always going somewhere new so you have fresh stimulus. Finding new ways of seeing the same places and objects I feel is great practice for photographers. Like the one room fifty photographs challenges I’ve done a couple of times and written about on here.

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