Sunlight Seeping Through The Darkness

As a blogger, I’m generally far more of a creator of my own work than a curator of other people’s.

These are unique times though, so I thought I’d gather together and share some of the blog posts and articles I’d found particularly inspiring and positive in recent days. 

The Sun Still Shines – Photographer Ian MacDonald on how photography amongst other things have reminded him that “amongst the chaos of life’s challenges, however, there are still opportunities to find peace and simple moments of joy”.

Trail Running At Night – Andrew Peterson’s excellent analogy on how through life we’re always trail running at night, and by trying to build our core strength and faith, it can help us stay flexible and guide us through without too many stumbles and scrapes.

You Are Still Required – The frequently inspiring and poetic Shawna Lemay, with this post on noticing this is a time for us all to be kind, and to listen and support each other.


When In Isolation Make Prints – Gretchen Hayhurst is using self isolation as an opportunity to go back to the roots of photography, and dive deep into making “salt, platinum, VanDyke and cyanotype prints”. The results have a particular familiarity of comfort to me, all being photographed in England.

Beautiful News – a site and newsletter I’ve been subscribed to for some years, which shares some of the incredible projects and progress we’re achieving as humans around the world.

Reasons To Be Cheerful – This site complements Beautiful News very well, and this post by Jodie Jackson is especially relevant. Jodie is the writer of a book called “You Are What You Read – Why Changing Your Media Diet Can Change The World” (which I haven’t read but is high on my wish list) and also includes a link to her “Starter Kit” of positive news she recommends you do tune into.

I hope you gain some positivity and solace from some of this work.

How about you? What have you read recently and found comforting and inspiring, photography related or otherwise?

Please let us know in the comments below (and don’t forget to tick the “Notify me of new comments via email” box to follow the conversation).

Thanks for looking.

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11 thoughts on “Sunlight Seeping Through The Darkness”

  1. Thank you again for the wonderful inspiration. I am already looking forward to some beautiful news each day and appreciate that there are those out there who can help us focus on some of the amazing things that are happening rather than what seems stressful.

    1. Thanks Andrew, you’re welcome. I’ve been digging into some of the links on Jodie Jackson’s site, and as inspiring as the sites themselves is that people are a) doing wonderful interesting things, and b) other people are keen to document and share these things.

  2. Thanks for the links Dan, will dig in asap! At the moment I am going through “Road to Seeing” by Dan Winters that was gathering dust on my shelf…

    1. I’ve got back into books myself in the last few weeks. I have probably a dozen on my shelves I’ve bought with great enthusiasm, then never opened!

  3. Hi Dan, thanks for the suggestions, I am only subbed to one of those blogs. I have not been spending much time online, I have reduced my screen/device time to almost nothing. We have been listening to music a lot and I have been taking walks with and without the dog. Right now I am reading Joe Cooper’s Pentax Manual and enjoying the photos. I had no idea Jane Bown used Pentax before OM’s. She is one of my favorite photographers.

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