Unexpected Positives In Peculiar Times

Since early March, our country (as much of the world) has gone through increasingly restrictive phases of lockdown to combat the spread of Covid-19. Currently here in England we are advised to stay at home, other than travel to work (where home working is not possible), for essential groceries and medical supplies, or for aiding… Continue reading Unexpected Positives In Peculiar Times

The Human Instinct – Adapt, Create, Thrive

In the past, I've noticed a strong pattern in my creativity. The times I've imposed tight restrictions, I've felt more creative, and been more likely to dig deeper to experiment, try new approaches, and have fun.  Examples include focusing only on writing six word stories when I was struggling for writing direction and ideas, and… Continue reading The Human Instinct – Adapt, Create, Thrive

Sunlight Seeping Through The Darkness

As a blogger, I'm generally far more of a creator of my own work than a curator of other people's. These are unique times though, so I thought I'd gather together and share some of the blog posts and articles I'd found particularly inspiring and positive in recent days.  The Sun Still Shines - Photographer… Continue reading Sunlight Seeping Through The Darkness