Why We Photograph

Photography is a wide reaching activity that millions of us partake in for all kinds of reasons.

Personally, I photograph for the following ones –

– An excuse to wander in the countryside.

I love walking, and nature, so any chance to combine both of these, I take. Photography gives it more purpose somehow, and makes it more “acceptable” to others.

– To hunt for beauty.

Yes, I could do this without having a camera with me, but over the years I’ve found cameras help me see better, and encourage me to explore the tiny details more thoroughly.

– To capture beauty.

Once I discover something I do find interesting and beautiful – especially if it’s something most people would walk past without a glance – I want to have a record of it, and something to share and show others, to remind them also that there’s beauty all around us, if we just look in the right places, with the right eyes.


– To play with cameras, mostly old ones.

This used to be film cameras, which certainly have their charms, especially the more mechanical and manual ones. That tactile and engaging physical experience can’t be matched by digital machines. But increasingly I love exploring “vintage” digital cameras too, those dismissed to the back of a drawer and neglected for years as their spec and capabilities have long since been surpassed. I love to rediscover lost cameras and see if I can bring new life to them, to let their eyes see again.

– To capture memories.

These days I use my Sony Xperia phone almost exclusively for family occasions and snapshots, and it’s conveniently synced to Google Photos to backs up the photos as soon as I’m back on WiFi. As with most of us, it’s great to capture moments to look back on as our families grow.

How about you, why do you photograph? 

Please let us know below.

Thanks for looking. Please share this post with others you feel will enjoy it too. If you’re interested, this is what I’m into right now.

16 thoughts on “Why We Photograph”

  1. Would agree with all those reasons. I also finds it helps with my mental health. When out on a walk takes you out for your head and let’s you see the beauty around you. Something to focus on that isn’t everything else going on.

  2. I photograph nowadays mostly to have images to look at on my computer as a wallpaper each time I get on it. I take my photos really quickly and don’t spend much time perfecting them. I just want a quick record of what I have seen that attracts my attention

    1. A couple of years a go I started using my photos as wallpaper on my computer at work which is a PC with twin widescreen monitors. It’s a great way to spend longer with a photo and enjoy it more than just fleetingly when editing.

  3. Agree with all the reasons you have outlined in your post. Like you I am enjoying using old and inexpensive digital cameras that have been lying neglected in drawers or were once used by our children. It so much easier grabbing one as I go out the door rather than being weighed down by an SLR! Some of my best travel shots have been taken on these sort of cameras. For example, my favourite photos of Mt. Everest were taken on an Olympus Trip and a very basic Canon Powershot. Enough said!

    1. Thanks Paul, yes I’m loving the old digicams! Amazing how capable they are for so little outlay. And I actually enjoy that they are so much simpler than modern ones with WiFi, touchscreen and a built in microwave!

  4. I photograph for similar reasons. Some reasons: To express creativity in my life, to capture beautiful scenes that please me, to play with technology, both old and new, to help preserve the art of film photography. Most importantly, I find landscape Photography relaxing and fulfilling. I’ve started to print my photographs more, to give to others and to hang on my walls for good memories.

    1. Hi Martin thanks for your comments. Why do think you find landscape photography relaxing? (I’m similar, though mine is in nature it’s usually more up close than landscapes!)

  5. I also photograph for similar reasons. I find it relaxes me and soothes my mind. I’ve noticed over the years that the more fragile my mind is, the more photos I take! It’s my escape from the real world (and maybe that’s another reason I’ve never really taken to street photography), also it forces me to get out and get some exercise.

    1. I agree with you completely about street photography Mel. I find it busy, chaotic and stressful, all things I go out with a camera to escape from! Give me trees, flowers and churchyards any day…

  6. Agree with you..Amazing points you’ve put in. I photography the essence of nature, every little thing of this beautiful world in my camera. I love photography..My blog is about photography too along with art and travel.

    It gives me so much joy to capture this beautiful world filled with happiness and joy. Wow..Great post!!!! 👌
    Explained it very well..I too photograph for these reasons


    1. Ananya,thank you reading and your comments. Photography not only lets us capture our memories and record what we find beautiful, we then have them to share with others too.

      1. It’s my pleasure always.
        Your post is really interesting to read..
        Yes true.. It’s so amazing. Sharing has always been a great thing. The more we share happiness, captures the more we are happy. Truly said..

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