When Did You Last Make A Print Of A Photograph?

The photography communities I'm involved with online are mostly of an age where there's a strong heritage of film photography. With that comes the viewing medium we've grown up with - the photography print. Now I'm not even talking about anything highfalutin or artsy here. It could be as simple as dog eared family snapshots… Continue reading When Did You Last Make A Print Of A Photograph?

Woods Gallery 04 (The Dreams Already Around Us)

Some 21 years ago I was in a relationship where we both, for various reasons, wanted to run away from everything we knew. Our dream took various forms, including a log cabin in Alaska or British Columbia, and a similarly remote beach side shack. A common "vision within the vision" was simply sitting together outside… Continue reading Woods Gallery 04 (The Dreams Already Around Us)

Photography Prints (And What To Do With Them)

How did we find and enjoy photographs before the internet? Of course when I was young, my family (specifically my nan on my dad's side) took many photographs with very simple Kodak cameras and came back from Boots or SupaSnaps with an envelope bursting with prints of our latest adventures. But aside from these bulging… Continue reading Photography Prints (And What To Do With Them)