Why A Photograph Is Never Finished

A photograph is never finished because even once you release the shutter and capture the scene before you on film or as pixels, there are an infinite number of post processing possibilities that could be applied, from simple cropping or exposure adjustments to radical treatments that render the original image almost indistinguishable. But even then,… Continue reading Why A Photograph Is Never Finished

The (Un)Importance Of Making 10,000 Photographs And Cycling 10,000 Miles

In recent years, 10,000 has been quoted by various sources as being some kind of magical number.  In Malcolm Gladwell's intriguing book Outliers, he gathers evidence to suggest that 10,000 hours of dedicated practice is the minimum one needs to begin to master their chosen craft, whatever that may be. Thomas Edison, inventor of the… Continue reading The (Un)Importance Of Making 10,000 Photographs And Cycling 10,000 Miles

I Photograph To Remember, I Photograph To Forget

Photographs are very deeply intertwined with my memories. As are dreams, but that's for another post. Pondering recently I realised photography is as important to helping me to remember as to forget. I photograph to remember... I love having a way to capture family moments on a medium other than just my memories. Plus you… Continue reading I Photograph To Remember, I Photograph To Forget

Woods Gallery 04 (The Dreams Already Around Us)

Some 21 years ago I was in a relationship where we both, for various reasons, wanted to run away from everything we knew. Our dream took various forms, including a log cabin in Alaska or British Columbia, and a similarly remote beach side shack. A common "vision within the vision" was simply sitting together outside… Continue reading Woods Gallery 04 (The Dreams Already Around Us)

Gilded Golden Picture Frames Suspended In A Forest

For as long as I can remember, I've had a powerful visual in my head about how photographs exist before they are made permanent via film or pixels and a camera. The imagery is very simple - a deep beautiful evergreen forest, with various sized ornate golden picture frames suspended with invisible thread in every… Continue reading Gilded Golden Picture Frames Suspended In A Forest