Three Things I Love Most About Photography Today

Photography has been a constant pleasure in my life for around 15 years. Here are three things I particularly love about photography right now. 1. Image quality doesn't really matter. A couple of weeks ago my mum sent me a photo of us on my late granddad's birthday in 1993. I know the year because… Continue reading Three Things I Love Most About Photography Today

When Did You Last Make A Print Of A Photograph?

The photography communities I'm involved with online are mostly of an age where there's a strong heritage of film photography. With that comes the viewing medium we've grown up with - the photography print. Now I'm not even talking about anything highfalutin or artsy here. It could be as simple as dog eared family snapshots… Continue reading When Did You Last Make A Print Of A Photograph?

Photographs Of Life And Death

For as long as I've been making photographs with intention (since around 2005), I've photographed living things, and dying - or dead - things. Mostly flowers and trees, in various states of decay and disintegration, with the occasional dead animal or bird in between. Why? Whilst I rarely capture (or try to capture) anything that… Continue reading Photographs Of Life And Death

Are We Only As Good As Our Last Photograph?

Think for a moment about the best photograph you've ever made. Which one(s) come to mind? How long ago did you make it? A week ago? A year ago? A lifetime ago? Now think about the last photograph you made that you were proud of. How does that one compare with the best one you've… Continue reading Are We Only As Good As Our Last Photograph?

The Purity Of Enjoying Art Detached From The Artist

When my main medium for listening to music was CDs, I enjoyed reading through the inlay booklet, plus other articles about the artist. It added some backstory to the music, gave it some context. The downside of this approach I think is that we soon form expectations. After finding an artist we like, then instead… Continue reading The Purity Of Enjoying Art Detached From The Artist