These Three Photographs – Bicycles

This is the latest post in an occasional series called These Three Photographs, where I look back at three photographs I've made around a similar theme or subject. You can see previous posts in the series here. This time around, bicycles. Generally, bicycles are symbols of great freedom and self-reliance to me. Far more than… Continue reading These Three Photographs – Bicycles

The Slowest Film

Unless you're a modern day nomad, constantly travelling from place to place, the chances are you visit the same locations time and time again. And, being a photographer, inevitably you make pictures of the same objects in those places over and over again too. One thing I really enjoy about having an archive on Flickr… Continue reading The Slowest Film

Backing Up Photos – Should We Bother At All?

Some kind of back up system is essential for any photographer, isn't it? My back up system for what I'd call my artistic photos (as opposed to family photos) is multi-layered, and probably overly complex. I have them on my MacBook, then on an external HD that backs up everything on the MacBook. I have… Continue reading Backing Up Photos – Should We Bother At All?

A Photograph Begins With…

Most often for me, a photograph begins with wandering through the English countryside, camera ready and willing, hoping to stumble across and capture something I find beautiful. For others, perhaps a photograph begins with the intention to test a new camera is working, without leaving your living room. Someone else's photograph might begin with a… Continue reading A Photograph Begins With…