The Five Best Ways To Start Tagging Your Photos Today

Once you've made more than even a few hundred photographs, it's very useful to have structured ways to look back through them and find ones you remember, as well as gathering together particular themes that develop in your photography. After tens of thousands of photographs, tagging is absolutely essential. Otherwise the tendency is to just… Continue reading The Five Best Ways To Start Tagging Your Photos Today

Photographs – Do You Take Them Or Make Them?

The more common parlance in photography seems to be “take a photograph”. But personally I prefer to say I “make a photograph”. Why? A few reasons. When we release the shutter, we’re creating something that didn’t exist before, whether on film or digitally. The image will almost inevitably go through further development and processing, but… Continue reading Photographs – Do You Take Them Or Make Them?

Why A Photograph Is Never Finished

A photograph is never finished because even once you release the shutter and capture the scene before you on film or as pixels, there are an infinite number of post processing possibilities that could be applied, from simple cropping or exposure adjustments to radical treatments that render the original image almost indistinguishable. But even then,… Continue reading Why A Photograph Is Never Finished