The Fine Line Between Formula And Formulaic

After you first 1000/10,000/100,000 photos (delete as applicable) I'm sure like me you realised you'd started to find your own style.¬† The kind of subjects you like to shoot, the equipment you prefer, the compositions, the colours (or lack of, with black and white), the processing (or lack of), and other factors that all add… Continue reading The Fine Line Between Formula And Formulaic

Should All Of Your Photographs Look The Same?

It's a common belief that any accomplished artist has their own unique signature style, instantly recognisable at a glance. Think about your favourite writers, poets, singers or painters. They likely have a strong, personal and distinctive voice¬†throughout their work. But what about photographers? Is it something we should strive for too? Put another way, should… Continue reading Should All Of Your Photographs Look The Same?