Why 4:3 Has Succeeded 3:2 As My Favoured Aspect Ratio

Shooting 35mm for five years, naturally my favoured aspect ratio was the 36mm x 24mm of a frame of film, ie 3:2. When I starting shooting more digital photographs than film, I followed this ratio through, with cameras like my Pentax K10D and Ricoh GRD III, because I was so used to composing in these… Continue reading Why 4:3 Has Succeeded 3:2 As My Favoured Aspect Ratio

The Fine Line Between Formula And Formulaic

After you first 1000/10,000/100,000 photos (delete as applicable) I'm sure like me you realised you'd started to find your own style.  The kind of subjects you like to shoot, the equipment you prefer, the compositions, the colours (or lack of, with black and white), the processing (or lack of), and other factors that all add… Continue reading The Fine Line Between Formula And Formulaic

Found Photography – And Why It’s My Only Approach

Do you prefer to photograph what you find, as you find it, or set up your compositions like a stage? In many areas of creativity in the past I've found that imposing limitations on myself is freeing, converse to what might seem logical. By defining the edges of the box, we're able to start filling… Continue reading Found Photography – And Why It’s My Only Approach

How To Choose What To Photograph

With the vast wide world out there waiting, and millions of cameras and lenses available to us, how do we choose what to photograph? I've been pondering this lately and have honed down what and why I photograph. Essentially, I practice two kinds of photography. 1. Family Photography Defined as -  Any photograph of a… Continue reading How To Choose What To Photograph

The Colour Quest (II) – Vintage Colour

This is the latest post in my ongoing quest for colour. You can read my colour photography story so far here. In short, whilst I'm very comfortable and happy with black and white images - either using a Snapseed preset I've made, or, even better, straight out of camera with the Pentax Q and Lumix LX3… Continue reading The Colour Quest (II) – Vintage Colour