Let Your Photographs Show Your Photography Skills, Not Your Processing

My introduction to photography was somewhat later in life, and even then came in gradually. Always interested in nature, I developed an interest in photographing the beauty around me on my walks in the countryside, just using the camera phone in my pocket. This was around 2005, when I was 30. At that point I… Continue reading Let Your Photographs Show Your Photography Skills, Not Your Processing

My Favourite Summer Cameras

Over the last few years, I've noticed a definite seasonal pattern in the cameras I use, and the type of photographs they encourage. Broadly speaking, over the late autumn, winter and early spring, I favour digital compacts like my Ricoh GRD III and Lumix LX3, and their high contrast monochrome settings. Come late spring, there's… Continue reading My Favourite Summer Cameras

Photography – How Challenging Should It Be?

For me, using a DSLR is far more challenging than a digital compact. Nevertheless I persist, because of the more immersive experience, more control over the final image, and the ability to use different lenses. Sometimes though I do wonder why it's so fiddly to get a decent exposure (especially with my Pentax K-30), why… Continue reading Photography – How Challenging Should It Be?

How I Stop My Head Exploding – Narrowing The Photography Obsession

The world is a vast place. It's impossible for any one person to follow any more than a tiny fraction of the subjects, developments and information that's constantly changing. The same reasoning applies even once we choose a single topic. Let's say, photography, for example. The number of styles of photography, equipment available, and even… Continue reading How I Stop My Head Exploding – Narrowing The Photography Obsession