A Photographer’s Eyes – Always Seeing, Sometimes Keeping

Anyone who's been photographing regularly for a while will I'm sure have noticed how we become able to see potential photographs far more easily. In fact it can become almost impossible to switch off one's "photographer's eyes". On a walk even without camera, I still see possible compositions around me as I ramble through the… Continue reading A Photographer’s Eyes – Always Seeing, Sometimes Keeping

The Snapshot – Pure Photography Or Pointless Pursuit?

As you probably know, I'm not one for endlessly fiddling about with every possible setting on a camera shot by shot, trying to achieve a perfect photo every time. And I like post processing even less. My ideal is to have a camera that's either simple enough in itself to just point and shoot, or… Continue reading The Snapshot – Pure Photography Or Pointless Pursuit?

Because Sometimes You Just Want A New Toy

Having three kids under the age of 13 means our house has an abundance of toys. As I'm sure many other parents will attest to, one of the great pleasures of having your own children is the opportunity to play with toys and games again - without fear of any disparaging comments or raised eyebrows… Continue reading Because Sometimes You Just Want A New Toy

Photography – The Single Shot Versus The Series

Most of my photographs are single shots, independent of any other. However, over time, a few projects have evolved, that consist of a collection of photographs. I haven't set out to create these themed collections - or series - of shots, they've come about mostly by me realising I'm using a particular tag in Flickr… Continue reading Photography – The Single Shot Versus The Series

How Much Photography Is Enough?

As we spoke about recently, in recent months I've photographed significantly less than before. I still consider myself an active photographer, even though I'm less active than any time in perhaps 15 years. Even if I didn't take a single picture in six months (incredibly unlikely) I think I'd still feel like a photographer because… Continue reading How Much Photography Is Enough?