Photography Experience – The Ever Flowing River

"What I love most about rivers is / You can't step in the same river twice / The water's always changing, always flowing..." Thus sang Pocahontas in her eponymous film, which, like many Disney films, I've seen on more than one occasion. (I watch them for the kids' benefit, honest!) However, a flowing river seems to… Continue reading Photography Experience – The Ever Flowing River

Random Revisited #3 – How To Find Time For Photography

Random Revisited is a series of posts where I use the WordPress random post generator to revisit a post in the 35hunter archives, then compare it with where I am now and see how my photography has evolved. You can see all Random Revisited posts so far here. This time around the random post is from September 2017 – How… Continue reading Random Revisited #3 – How To Find Time For Photography

How Base Camp Camera Settings Can Improve And Simplify Your Photography

I've always enjoyed a simple point and shoot (P&S) camera, from my first film camera seven years ago, a Holga 120N, through to my Sony Android phone today. But even better is a camera that offers a little more depth and control, but can then be set up how you like it, so it's ready… Continue reading How Base Camp Camera Settings Can Improve And Simplify Your Photography

Finding Photography Happiness – It’s Not About The Numbers

A book I'm reading about parenting talks about TV ads, and how we might approach them with children. Essentially the author suggests we gently show our kids how the ad is designed to sell us a product, and we should not take it too seriously. In fact he suggests we turn ad watching into various… Continue reading Finding Photography Happiness – It’s Not About The Numbers

Why Shoot 35mm Film in 2019?

Our recent conversations around grain and noise in photographs yielded some interesting offshoot topics. One of these was around the general standard of digital scans of 35mm film, and how the vast majority of digital images made from film negatives don't give a fair representation of the high quality possible with film, and just how… Continue reading Why Shoot 35mm Film in 2019?