Photography And The Joy Of Numbers

My first SLR, bought early in 2013, was a Praktica BMS Electronic. It was vastly more complicated than any camera I'd had before, and to me, its prolific decoration in numbers of various colours was testament to that - and at first utterly intimidating. Let's take a quick tour, from my beginner's perspective back then.… Continue reading Photography And The Joy Of Numbers

Photography – Are We Capturing Or Creating?

Some would argue that photography is more challenging than another visual art form where you're able to start with a blank canvas, and lay down whichever marks, shapes, words and colours you wish. Indeed with other art forms like writing or composing music, you can start from nothing but the potential of the language you… Continue reading Photography – Are We Capturing Or Creating?

A Photographer’s Eyes – Always Seeing, Sometimes Keeping

Anyone who's been photographing regularly for a while will I'm sure have noticed how we become able to see potential photographs far more easily. In fact it can become almost impossible to switch off one's "photographer's eyes". On a walk even without camera, I still see possible compositions around me as I ramble through the… Continue reading A Photographer’s Eyes – Always Seeing, Sometimes Keeping