Why I Need To Know Which Camera Made Each Photograph

When I first started using Flickr, I only had one camera - the one in my phone. I didn't feel any need to create an album for all photographs made with that phone, or tag the photos for a similar purpose. Because all of my photos were made with the same phone! However, a few… Continue reading Why I Need To Know Which Camera Made Each Photograph

The Best Photography Advice You Could Have Given Yourself A Decade Ago

It's almost a decade since I took the plunge into buying my first "proper" camera, after shooting with phone cameras for a few years.  Since then, I've owned and used hundreds of film and digital cameras. So, with the hindsight of all this experience, what's the best advice I could have given myself a decade… Continue reading The Best Photography Advice You Could Have Given Yourself A Decade Ago

The Slowest Film

Unless you're a modern day nomad, constantly travelling from place to place, the chances are you visit the same locations time and time again. And, being a photographer, inevitably you make pictures of the same objects in those places over and over again too. One thing I really enjoy about having an archive on Flickr… Continue reading The Slowest Film

Digital Photography – What First Attracted You?

So before we talked about what first attracted us to film photography. This time, it's the turn of digital photography.  My first digital camera (phone) was a Motorola Razr V3i, though I don't really recall making many photos with it, and don't have any saved in my archives. The first camera I remember using with… Continue reading Digital Photography – What First Attracted You?