9 thoughts on “One Frame #6”

    1. Thanks Tony, appreciate your comments.

      Well this small series is something of an experiment, seeing if I can make an image akin to a film double exposure (which I used to make quite a lot of) with digital means.

      This was done in Snapseed, and once I get over my issues with it not being an “authentic” way to make a double exposure, I am really happy with the results and the ability to control the way the two layers overlay in Snapseed.

      1. I guess you don’t get the “no idea how this’ll turn out, but hoping for a bit of serendipity” element you get with a “genuine” double exposure. On the other hand the results are going to be a lot more controllable. The results speak for themselves, so I wouldn’t take too long to get over it :). It’s more akin to double exposing at the print stage in the darkroom I suppose.

        The Fuji actually has a digital double exposure mode, though I haven’t done anything with it yet. You take the first shot and if you tell it, it’s ok, you can then see the first shot as a semi transparent overlay of the life view in the EVF or back screen ready for the second. Easier than film double exposures but retains some of the spirit.

      2. Tony, I did get to the point with film double exposures where I roughly knew what I was going for and how to get the results I wanted.

        Though some of the most interesting results came from film swaps where I shot a roll of film then sent to another photographer and they shot another layer of images on the same film. Which were of course completely unpredictable, sometimes a bit of a chaotic mess and sometimes amazing.

        For my own images the digital Snapseed version isn’t greatly different to doing with film, when I am going for a specific final image rather than hoping for something serendipitous.

        Yes I think if we keep the spirit of it, and don’t digitally process images to death, it remains (for me) fun and still loyal to the original concept.

  1. maybe you could run a couple of those ‘film swap’ double exposure images Dan…
    or are they online somewhere? Flickr perhaps?
    would be interested to see those… or the ones that weren’t a chaotic mess.

    oh, and btw – I’ve never been a fan of d/exposures, but maybe I should give them more time to do their ‘magic’. This one has a certain ‘calming’ effect… or is that just me 😉


    1. A, yes they’re were quite a few on my Flickr before I did the reboot. I think if I post them below you should still be able to see them…

      I think you have to just figure double exposures out a little and see how you can influence them, rather than always hoping for the best.

      With the ones I had most success with I had a plane, like having one layer of close up objects and the second layer just landscape and sky.

      Some of my favourites were a roll I shot with my original little XA2, and I made one layer redscale too (a technique called EBS Expose Both Sides of the film).

      These are EBS –



      These are film swaps with other people –




      These are my own double exposures –



      I should probably do a post on this like you say!

      1. Thanks Tony, wondered if that would happen as I’ve made almost my entire Flickr archive private now. I have an upcoming post that will feature a few.

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